The Dream Battle (夢を懸けた戦い Yume o Kaketa Tatakai) is the sixth episode of Ultraman Ginga.


Back from the last episode, as they both fall back to Earth from space, Jean-Killer finally catch Hikaru in time. Suddenly, a blast hit them, causing Hikaru to fall and Jean-Killer to revert back into Tomoya. The blast revealed to be came from Ultraman Tiga, whom now renamed Tiga Dark. The black giant proceed to fire his energy blast at them, but they were reflected by Taro's Ultra Psychokinesis. As he unleashed his energy blast again, Taro quickly teleported the three of them to the school. But the attack burn Taro's head, severely wounding him.

All of Hikaru's friends were in disbelief that Tomoya was Jean-Killer. He revealed that he told his father that he would follow his footsteps as an adult but only to be scolded, resulting him living under the man's shadow. Taro approached Tomoya and revealed that on the Land of Light, he also had a similar experience as a child but later comforted by his mother, who suggests that he could surpass his father.

Hikaru felt sorry for Tomoya and decided to give him a dream: to defeat Ultraman Ginga. Tomoya agreed and summoned Jean-Killer while Hikaru transform into Ultraman Ginga. The two giants fight as Misuzu, Kenta, Chigusa and Taro watch. Ginga defeated Jean-Killer with relative ease by phasing his hand into the cockpit and crushed the Dark Dummy Spark with his own hand, expelling Tomoya out of his body. But just then, Ginga's Color Timer starts to blink, showing he is now low on power, and his time on Earth is almost up. And to make matters worse, Tiga Dark appeared and fought Ginga. Alien Valky also watched the battle, but when he confronts the group, he turn into hostage for Ultraman Taro to stop the fight. Instead, the odds are further to side of evil when the black Ultra eventually enlarged Alien Valky and the duo began to overpower the weakened Ultraman Ginga. Tomoya saw that his dream would be crushed and shed tears, causing the Gunpad to appear and Jean-Killer to become Jean-Nine. After Tomoya went back to his body, Jean Nine assisted Ginga with fighting the villains.

In the end, Ginga and Jean-Nine use their finishing moves to defeat Tiga and Valky, returning them back to Spark Doll form. To Hikaru and Taro's surprise, Ginga spoke for the first time about Jean-Nine actions and Tomoya's conviction though he didn't answer Taro's questions. Tomoya leaves as he finally accepts Hikaru's friendship while reminded that he will surpass Hikaru/Ginga.

Back in Dark Lugiel's room, his hand was seen reaching for a Spark Doll, only for the candle in the room to be burned out, darkening the room.



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Ultraman Ginga Volume 2 features Episodes 4-6.

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