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The Dragon's Lover (龍の恋人 Ryū no Koibito) is the ninth episode of Ultraman Max.


A mysterious creature is sighted in a lake with a legend of a dragon. DASH investigates, but it turns out to be a fraud. And yet, Kaito is not sure....


In a small town with a dragon shrine, some footage is captured of a kaiju-like creature in a lake. A girl in a white dress is seen by a few on the edge of the lake. Mizuki and Kaito go to the location, while the rest of DASH investigates the footage, and discovers the creature is not alive, i.e. a puppet.

After finding no signs of monsters in the area, Kaito and Mizuki prepare to leave, when Kaito spots the mysterious girl watching them. He sets off after her, and comes to the dragon's shrine. She tells him the legend--that the dragon awakens to punish the village for damaging the lake and the forest, and that the shrine was built to seal the dragon as the people swore they would never make the same mistake. She warns him to stop the upcoming construction which would damage the environment.

However, the sightings of the dragon were merely a plot to attract more tourists. That day, the mayor's son desecrates the shrine, and several tourists report sightings of a huge dragon bursting from the water. The mysterious girl watches. Kaito sees her, and again she warns and pleads with him. She says she knows he can stop it, but he does not take the hint.

Later that night, the shrine is destroyed in the fireworks festival. The dragon, Natsunomeryu, rises from the water and attacks. Spectators flee as the dragon proceeds to torch the area. Kaito raises the Max spark, but the girl confronts him, saying that the dragon is not evil and that it is all the humans' fault. Kaito discovers he is the only one to see or hear the girl. He then transforms.

Ultraman Max engages the kaiju, but before he can destroy it, the girl emerges from a dragon tear and stops him, before he seals the dragon with a seven-colored light. Soon after, the shrine is rebuilt, and Kaito learns that the girl passed away twenty years before.





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  • Ultraman Max Volume 2 features episodes 7-10.
  • The episode was premiered on American television by TOKU on March 3, 2017
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