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"This is how the fate of the two Ultras changed. Worlds of possibilities open up at every point of divergence. As such, unexpected worlds were added to the history of the Land of Light."

―Ultraman Zero narrating the episode 6.

-The Divergence- (交錯する物語 Kōsaku suru Monogatari lit. Interlacing Tales) is the second chapter of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy.


A long time ago, in the era of the Ultimate Wars that occurred tens of thousands of years ago… While a ferocious battle was unfolding between Alien Empera's monster army and the Land of Light, Ultraman Ken (later the Father of Ultra) and Ultraman Belial gave battle without yielding. While they were heroes who fought together, Belial was unable to accept the distance growing between them as Ken was appointed captain of the Inter Galactic Defense Force and won the heart of Ultrawoman Marie (later the Mother of Ultra). He began to seek even more power, behaving more and more recklessly...

At that moment, the golden giant Absolute Tartarus appeared and whispered, "Don't you want to change your fate?"

Years passed, and in the Land of Light there was a scientist named Ultraman Tregear. Filled with regret that he was unable to join the Inter Galactic Defense Force and complicated feelings for his close friend Ultraman Taro, the “Emissary of Light,” Tregear devoted himself to doing research with Ultraman Hikari, the respected director of the Science Technology Bureau. However, one day, Hikari vanished, and his fate began to change…[1][2]


Ep. Date Plot
4 12/13/2020 Back in the day of the Ultimate Wars, Ken and Belial fought against a trio of aliens, Godola, Nackle and Babarue. Nackle tries to plead for mercy as they were only acting as diversions under Empera's orders, but Belial annihilated them on the spot. Returning to the Land of Light, the Empera had already slain through a group of Ultras, leaving Marie as the sole survivor. Ken and Belial arrived to her aid, but the pair were also defeated rather easily. Marie gave Ken the Ultimate Blade from her family heirloom, wherein the sword recognizes Ken as a suitable wielder and together, the two slain Empera despite both forces had matching scars. In addition to his admiration for Empera's might, Belial grew jealous of Ken for both winning Marie's heart and elevated to the rank of Top Commander in the Inter Galactic Defense Force. Unfortunately his envy led to almost injuring Ken in a sparring match, and Belial decided to harness the power of the Plasma Spark to himself. The excess energy from the artificial sun almost burned Belial as he proceed to fight his own kind before exiling himself to one of the surrounding asteroids. Tartarus introduced himself and exposes Belial's fate in the future that eventually led to his death by his artificially cloned son. Reaching to the conclusion that his achievements were all for nothing in the future, Belial accepted Tartarus' offer and met a group consist of Reibatos, Juda and Mold Specters, Alien Bat and Zett.
5 12/20/2020 Fast forward to years after the end of Ultimate Wars, a younger Tregear was in the process of completing the Astral Particle Conversion System, a device that Hikari approved for its functions. At the same time, Tregear was greeted by Taro after his return from his duty on Earth. Under Taro's suggestion, Tregear's new invention to be named as Taiga Spark, to which his childhood friend approved. Unfortunately it was around that time when Hikari left the Space Science and Technology Bureau to Planet Arb. Tregear went to retrieve him, but by that point, Hikari had assumed the mantle of Hunter Knight Tsurugi and vented his frustrations on his former co-worker out of guilt over Arb's loss. His faith in the light was shaken despite Taro's insistence to do their part together. The pair investigated a mysterious energy source in Planet Deastar (惑星デスター Wakusei Desutā), when Night Fang suddenly appeared to intercept Taro. Tregear was exposed to its Nightmare Wave and received haunted visions of Hikari and Taro. It was at that point where Tartarus provide Tregear with his future vision of descending into an evil Ultra and frequently fighting against Taro's son, Taiga. Horrified over what his future self turned out to be, Tregear accepted Tartarus' offer to change his fate. Just as Taro destroyed Night Fang, he was forced to witness his disillusioned friend abandoning him on Planet Deastar.
6 12/27/2020 Tartarus' actions caused divergence and temporal paradoxes in the history of the Land of Light. The 6 Ultra Brothers confronted Juda and Mold Spectres on Satellite Golgotha (衛星ゴルゴダ Eisei Gorugoda) of Planet Gua in the present day, where Taro pointed out that the brothers are supposedly dealt with by Ginga, Victory and X, but none of them recall ever fighting the young Ultras. The Gua brothers were more interested in fighting with the Andro Defense Force, revealing that they were from a different point of era. Taro decided to combine with his siblings and perform Cosmo Miracle Beam, killing the Gua brothers in an instant but not passing their intention to Gina. Belial and Tregear Early Styles appear to deal with the exhausted 6 Ultra Brothers, using the Absolutian power bestowed by Tartarus to deal with the entire team. Zero appears to fight the pair, but Tartarus interfered by preventing the two fallen Ultras from further progressing in the battlefield, simply calls them for retreat. Back in the Inter Galactic Defense Force headquarters, Father of Ultra deduced that Tartarus has polluted the timeline to his liking. He enlisted Zero, who has the ability to jump through dimensions with the task of investigating the golden alien.


Voice actors

Character Japanese[1] English[2][3]
Ultraman Belial Yuki Ono Jack Merluzzi
Ultraman Tregear Yuma Uchida Michael Rhys
Absolute Tartarus Junichi Suwabe Walter Roberts
Ultraman Ken (Father of Ultra) Hajime Iijima Alexander Hunter
Ultrawoman Marie (Mother of Ultra) Suzuko Mimori Hannah Grace
Ultraman Taro Hiroya Ishimaru
Showtaro Morikubo (young)
Bill Sullivan
Zoffy Shunsuke Takeuchi Ryan Drees
Ultraman Hikari Keiichi Nanba Chris Wells
Ultraman Zero Mamoru Miyano Eric Kelso
Juda Spectre Nobuaki Kanemitsu TBA
Mold Spectre Holly Kaneko TBA
Alien Empera Tomokazu Seki[4] TBA
Ultraman 80 Hatsunori Hasegawa Iain Gibb
Alien Nackle Tetsuo Kishi TBA






  • In Tartarus' vision of Belial's death, Geed's Wrecking Burst announcement was done through a stock voice of Tatsuomi Hamada, which is also retained in the English dub version. On the other hand, the original Belial shouting Geed's name is voiced over by Jack Merluzzi in the English dub.


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