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The Disappearance of Flight 206 (206便消滅す Ni Maru Roku Bin Shōmetsu-su) is the twenty-seventh episode of Ultra Q.


Returning from a pilot's conference in Hong Kong, Jun and Ippei's flight aboard a supersonic passenger jet is suddenly interrupted by a strange pocket of turbulence. The aircraft disappears from radar screens, as it is sucked into a great twisting whirlpool that appears in the sky. Waiting at Tokyo International Airport, Yuriko and Dr. Ichinotani fear that the worst has happened to Flight 206. Aboard the jet, the passengers begin to regain consciousness and realize that the aircraft is no longer moving. Flight 206 now sits motionless in a vast expanse of clouds that stretch as far as the eye can see. A criminal aboard the plane succeeds in freeing himself from his guard, confiscating the man's gun in the process. He then forces Jun, Ippei, and the two pilots into leaving the plane to walk amongst the cloudy mist. They discover the remains of several World War II planes with the decaying bodies of the pilots still intact within the cockpits. Seizing an opportunity, Jun tries to wrestle the gun from the criminal, accidentally wounding the pilots when the gun discharges. The criminal falls into an opening and is pulled beneath the clouds. Suddenly, a giant walrus-like creature called Todola emerges from the mist and pursues the men back to the aircraft. Jun now realizes the plane was pulled into the fourth dimension and that they must try to fly back out again. With the pilots injured, Jun and Ippei activate the engines, repelling the approaching monster with the plane's powerful exhaust. They pilot Flight 206 out of the transdimensional pocket and back into Japanese air space, saving the crew and passengers.



Home Media

  • Ultra Q Volume 7 features episodes 25-28, & Volume 8 Total Natural Color Blu-ray features episodes 26-28.
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