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The Closed World (閉世界 Heisekai) is the seventh episode of Ultraman Ginga.


In Dark Lugiel's room, he Darklives another Agent of Darkness, Gray to worshipping another Dark Dummy Sparks.

From the start of the episode till the middle, Hikaru rewinds all about him and the adventures he went through. Then he asks Taro about the black giant's controller that fight him some time ago but Taro has no idea the identity of the controller though he only senses a mass evil power on it.

While Officer Kakky is on a patrolling routine, suddenly he teleported to Hikaru's room while armed with a broom. He reveals that he tries to get out of the school but to no avail. Chigusa tries to get out though later teleported to a room where she wondering what happened while comically posing like The Thinker statue which happened to be near her. Misuzu later tried but instead teleported to the gym room with a lot of dodgeballs. Kenta also did but found himself at the school's vacant swimming pool. Tomoya figured that all of them are inside a dimensional warp. All three of the students that warped returned to Hikaru's room.

Taro remembers that the reason why he's still active ever since the Dark Spark War is that when the elusive figure turned all Ultras into Spark Dolls, all Ultra Brothers (save Mebius and Hikari) and Taro's parents selflessly protected Taro by using themselves as shields from the Darklive wave. Taro felt remorseful, but Hikaru assured him that they will work out to save everyone that was cursed from the Darklive. Suddenly, Kakky teleported out from the school and Dark Galberos.

Hikaru transforms into Black King and fights the Space Beast but failed. Ginga replaced the monster, with the battlefield turning into a wrestling arena and Taro into an announcer. Ginga appeared adorned in a red cape similar to the Ultra Brothers and Ultraman King. Ginga easily defeats Dark Galberos, but in the final round, Galberos used his duplicating/illusion ability only for Ginga to duplicate even more to surround the monster leaving the monster open for an attack for the real one who used Ginga Fireball to eliminate the monster. Before transforming back, Ginga spoke again and said that every time a monster was brought back into the world the forces of darkness were growing stronger and that 'his' return was nearing.

Alien Nackle Gray approaches the principal Shirai and teases her about what she just witnessed, claiming that the master of the dark forces was someone in the school. Three men led by Misuzu's father came to them, as the episode ends.





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Ultraman Ginga Volume 3 features Episodes 7-9.

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