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The Boy And The Black Monster (ブラックゴン 少年と黒い大怪獣 Burakkugon Shōnen to Kuroi Dai Kaijū lit. Boy with Black Gon: The Great Black Monster) is the 45th episode of Mirrorman.


Makoto lost his parents in an avalanche and therefore his uncle Shinji took care of him on a ranch. One day Makoto found a lost baby monster and named it Gon. He raised Gon in a cave privately. Gon was tame. Kyotaro and Asako visited Shinji for their special vacation. The invaders tried to transform a cow into a monster, but they failed to do it. Then they had their eyes on Gon. Gon was transformed into the gigantic monster Blackgon by the invaders' beam.






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