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The Birth of a New Hero (新世紀ヒーロー誕生! Shinseiki Hīrō Tanjō! lit. "A New Century Hero is Born!") is the 1st episode of Gridman the Hyper Agent.


"Naoto, Yuka and together with Ippei, the three just constructed a handmade PC, Junk, where it all begins. The thee of them never thought that shortly after, a hero to protect the computer world would appear in Junk."


Naoto and Yuka build their personal computer, Junk, with Ippei delivers the final piece needed to complete it. Although they managed to bring the computer online, Yuka is still working with the audio while Ippei designed the Junk's guardian. The figure in question is Lightning Superhuman (Hyper Agent) Gridman and Ippei imagined him as a digital superhero that protects the Computer World.

The next day, Naoto's little brother, Daichi, suffered from acute appendicitis and was scheduled for an operation by Yuka's father. The three friends race to their school, frantically trying to made it to their classroom on time. Yuka bumped into Takeshi, a young boy who's nervously trying to confess to her, but wasn't fast enough. Back to his home, a depressed Takeshi created the digital monster Gilarus and hacked into the Inoue family's hospital as a revenge for rejecting his confession (in actuality, it was his fault for confessing at the wrong moment).

A lightning bolt zapped into the electric pole of Takeshi's home. The being dressed in black appeared in his computer's LCD, declaring himself as Kahn Digifer and was impressed by Takeshi's malice, further goading the boy by bringing his monster Gilarus to life for further hacking in Inoue Hospital's Computer World. The materialized Gilarus smashed the systems, causing the appliances in Takeshi's operating room to go haywire. Seeing his brother in peril, Naoto lead his friends to Junk to find the cause of the hospital's malfunctioning. The three spotted Gilarus and try to counter it, but the provided antivirus did nothing to dispel it.

"Please initiate Battle Mode. The access code is GRIDMAN!"


A spark of light entered Junk and provided Naoto with a strange device, while bringing Ippei's Gridman design to life. The entity instructed Naoto to combine with him and he raced to the Inoue Hospital's system. Unfortunately Gridman is comparably smaller and is about to be crushed. Yuka provided him with the enlargement program, allowing Gridman to fight on equal size but was required to destroy Gilarus faster before he reached his limit. Once destroying the monster with Grid Beam, he undo the damages on Inoue Hospital, allowing the operation on Daichi to continue. Naoto was returned to the real world, as Junk is still damaged from supporting Gridman.

"This is just the beginning of the Hyper Agent Gridman and the Evil Lord Kahn Digifer's battle. Yes, this is just the beginning of a series of incidents, which might happen somehwere near you."








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