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The Birth of Ultraman (ウルトラマン 誕生 Urutoraman Tanjō) is the pilot episode of Ultraman. It was initially produced as a stage show before being re-edited into an episode-like video. The release of this pre-premiere special started the trend of Ultraman Day (ウルトラマンの日 Urutoraman no Hi), on the 10th of July annually.







Home Media

Mill Creek Entertainment released The Birth of Ultraman on Blu-ray + Digital in the US on Ultraman Day 2020 (July 10, 2020), which also included seven English dubbed episodes of the original Ultraman series.


  • The Birth of Ultraman was the first piece of media ever created to bear the "Ultraman" name.
  • Though they don't appear, the roars of Ragon, Bemular, Magular and Toho's Gaira are heard during the monster brawl.
  • During the big fight, Garamon's head falls off.
Ultraman Episodes
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