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"This is Ultraman Ribut. An elite member of the Galaxy Rescue Force, the group that protects the innocents of the universe. The incident that led him to join the group, was only a prelude to the great war that is about to break out."

―Ultraman Zero in episode 1's narration.

-The Beginning- (動き出す陰謀 Ugokidasu Inbō lit. The Conspiracy Starts) is the first chapter of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy.


This is the story of Galaxy Rescue Force's elite Ultraman Ribut's days as a Civilization Guardian. Together with Ultraman Max, Ribut senses a strange presence on a certain planet... However, it's a trap set by an enemy seeking revenge. Max defends Ribut, putting himself in danger! At the same time, Ultraman 80 and Yullian are attacked by Leugocyte.

This is just the beginning of the “Absolute Conspiracy!” Who is Absolute Tartarus, the mysterious golden giant working behind the scenes? Will Ribut be able to save Max and put an end to this enemy's threat?[1][2]


Ep. Date Plot
1 11/22/2020 Zero provides a brief exposition on Ribut and the entire chapter revolving on how he was enlisted into the Galaxy Rescue Force.

Within the underground of Planet Mikarito, Civilization Guardians Max and Ribut noticed the planet's sudden aging and deterioration in environment. There, the two found Maga-Orochi's egg and Max realized that said monster was supposedly sealed away. All of the sudden, Hellberus and Alien Sran both appeared to fight the Ultras. Sran infected Max with the Gudis cells in hopes of slowly mutating the Ultra into a monster while at the same time becoming Orochi's sacrifice. Max orders Ribut to report this incident to the Inter Galactic Defense Force, due to any attempts for his companion to assist him would render the latter infected as well.

Meanwhile on Planet Kanon, Yullian and Sora had recently finished negotiating with Queen Izana. Both women were under attacked by Leugocyte before 80 thwarted the monster away from Kanon.

In the Land of Light, Ribut, Sora, Yullian and 80 reported their incidents to the Ultra Brothers. Zoffy and Taro realized the connection between Gudis and Orochi as destructive entities and that it was too complicated for even Sran to mastermind. Calculating that three days were needed to save Max from the Gudis cells infection, Ribut was sent to be trained with Great and Powered, while Hikari and Sora create the antibody and 80 amassing a strike force against Leugocyte.

2 11/29/2020 During their sparring match, Great explains that the Gudis cells need to be destroyed completely due to its strong vitality in regeneration. Powered also remarked that feeding the mutated Max to Orochi would result in a quick evolution into Magatano-Orochi and thus leading to the total destruction of Planet Mikarito. Taking his instructors' words into consideration, Ribut puts himself into full concentration and use it to finally win the sparring match. The two veterans congratulate him and bestow Ribut his Ribut Blocker and Spreader Rod.

80 lead Neos and Seven 21 into Planet Feed (惑星フィード Wakusei Fīdo) to fight against Leugocyte, but Tartarus appeared from a portal with Reibatos, who resurrected Gymaira in against 80. Cosmos and Justice went to aid the three, having sensed a mass of energy through the Universal Justice. Gymaira was finally destroyed through 80's Shooting Beam. Neos was informed of the Gudis antidote by Zoffy's Ultra Sign.

Hikari and Sora managed to finish the antidote within two days, the latter gave it to Ribut as he assured that her efforts would not gone wasted.

Ribut, Great and Powered raced to Planet Mikarito, but they soon discovered that Max's mutation is currently taking place and time grows short. Ribut impatiently dashes in despite his instructor's warnings.

3 12/06/2020 Hellberus and Alien Sran occupy Great and Powered as Ribut approaches his mutated friend. After injecting the vaccine into his Color Timer, Max was restored to normal, albeit drained of his energies. Unfortunately Maga-Orochi hatched and empowered with the Gudis Cell it had absorbed from Max earlier. Xenon appears, having restored Max's energies with the Max Galaxy and all three Ultras fight against the empowered Lord Monster. Great and Powered managed to kill their respective opponents while Max and Ribut uses their weapons to decimate Orochi once and for all.

80 and the other four Ultras destroyed Leugocyte with their finishing moves, but this is not the end of their problems. Cosmos and Justice sensed that the energy source they were tracking wasn't from Leugocyte, and that it was also detected in multiple dimensions, including that of Future Earth. Tartarus made his appearance known by ambushing the Ultras, but was forced to retreat when Cosmos and Justice form Legend to counterattack.

Due to Ribut and Sora's involvements, Taro and Hikari decided to award the two with memberships in the Galaxy Rescue Force. The pair entered the team's base and greeted by Andro Melos, War Deity (Izana) and Gukulushisa.

Apparently as Cosmos reported, Tartarus had intruded various dimensions and is the mastermind behind multiple monster attacks. The five senior Ultras reported this to Zoffy, meaning that their troubles are far from over.

Sran survived Great's attack, only to be killed by Tartarus despite his pleas to spare him after he was being rescued prior. As Tartarus exited Planet Mikarito, Ultraman King sensed his presence from his own planet.


Voice Actors

Character Japanese[1] English[2][3]
Ultraman Ribut Wataru Komada Josh Keller
Absolute Tartarus Junichi Suwabe Walter Roberts
Ultraman Max Kazuya Nakai Maxwell Powers
Ultraman 80 Hatsunori Hasegawa Iain Gibb
Sora Megumi Han[4] TBA
Ultraman Great Tomokazu Seki Eric Kelso
Ultraman Powered Toshiyuki Morikawa Kane Kosugi
Ultraman Cosmos Taiyo Sugiura Peter Von Gomm
Ultraman Justice Megumi Han Rumiko Varnes
Ultraman Neos Ryuya Yakuza Jeff Manning
Ultraseven 21 Kenta Matsumoto Josh Keller
Yullian Haruka Tomatsu Hannah Grace
Zoffy Shunsuke Takeuchi Ryan Drees
Ultraman Taro Hiroya Ishimaru Bill Sullivan
Ultraman Hikari Keiichi Nanba Chris Wells
Alien Sran You Murakami TBA
War Deity / Queen Izana Kei Shindo TBA
Andro Melos Tomohiro Yamaguchi Jeff Manning
Ultraman Xenon Ryota Iwasaki Iain Gibb
Ultraman Zero Mamoru Miyano Eric Kelso
Reibatos Holly Kaneko TBA





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