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The Army of Bloodsucking Balls (襲来!! 吸血ボール軍団 Shūrai!! Kyūketsu Bōru Gundan) is the twentieth episode of Ultraman 80.


Hordes of balls attack earth, feeding on the blood of humans. UGM may be unable to stop them.


A moon vessel is returning to earth, when a horde of UFOs approaches, and they are taken out, attacked by countless balls. The space craft vanishes, and hords of Okorin Balls approach earth. However, the balls are not found because they are confused with balls from eath. UGM begins finding cars with their occupants drained of blood.

UGM takes a ball back to base, where a scientist analyzes it and believes it to be part of a larger whole, and they absorb the nutrients from humans to multiply, making the creature larger. They theorize one of the balls must be a leader. Unfortunately, several balls hitched a ride in the UGM car, and begin to invade the UGM warehouse. UGM deploys to destroy them.

Yamato and Tajima find the balls in the boiler room, but one begins to eat Tajima. Yamato calls the captain, who shuts all the shutters leading to the room. He tells the two men to put on gas masks and pumps gas into the room. The balls are knocked out and the two escape. When Tajima is taken to medical they discover the tentacles burrow into the heart and brain.

The army of balls moves through Japan, brutally killing all the way, before they all begin to move west. They attack the site where world officials gathered to discuss the plight of the country. UGM draws them out, and they spot the leader. When they attack, the balls all form together into one giant monster! Takeshi manages to transform, but 80 is barely a match for the monster. Eventually, he attacks the head, and the balls clatter apart and the monster is destroyed. The leader ball flees to space, but 80 pursues it and destroys it.






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  • Ultraman 80 Volume 5 Features Episodes 17-20.
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