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-The Appearance- (明かされし野望 Akasareshi Yabō lit. Ambitions Revealed) is the third part of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy.


After crushing Grimdo, Taiga and the Tri-Squad endeavored to train across the galaxy, only for "the one who controls Zetton", the Space Fear-Demon Zett, to appear before them and attack! In the face of attacking Zettons summoned by the Fear-Demon Zett, the Tri-Squad finds themselves in a desperate situation with no way out!

Ultraman Zero and the others come forward with new countermeasures to oppose Absolute Tartarus, the golden giant pulling the strings behind the scenes. The newest member of the Inter Galactic Defense Force, Ultraman Z, joins his reliable senior Ultraman Mebius to face down this absolute conspiracy...![1][2]


Ep. Date Plot
7 1/10/2021 Tartarus and Reibatos had traveled into Future Earth to revive the Alien Bat that Ultraman Saga had killed before. Surprised by his sudden revival, Bat pledged his loyalty to Tartarus and created Zett as a weapon against the Ultras.

In Planet Maijii (惑星マイジー Wakusei Maijī), the Tri-Squad's training were interrupted by Zett, who proceed to harass the team with his artificial Zetton Army. Galaxy Rescue Force members, Andro Melos and Ribut arrived to assist the trio Utras.

On Ayaka City of Planet Earth, Grigio fought against Noiseler and Zandrias while her brothers were busy tackling the Devil Splinters in outer space. After scaring the monsters away from Earth using Grigio Shot, Zero appeared to recruit Grigio into his cause.

Tartarus arrived on Planet U40, seeing its inhabitants as nuisances to his scheme. Zero appeared not long after Joneus forced Tartarus away from home planet, hoping to recruit U40's strongest warrior to his cause.

8 1/17/2021 Zett escaped once his Zetton Army were defeated. Ribut and Melos' arrival were under Zero's suggestion to investigate Tartarus, and both of them joined the Tri-Squad to report their activities to the Inter-Galactic Defense Force. Ribut puts the appearance of Leugocyte, Maga-Orochi, Gudis Cells and the Parallel Isotopes, connecting them to Tartarus as the source of everything. Zoffy even received a report that Tartarus had invaded U40 while Titas was on Planet Maijii. The Tri-Squad all agree to go separate ways to train themselves for the day they would join Zero in the front lines against Tartarus.

After training Ultraman Z, Mebius accepted Taiga's wish to train him. The two witness Z's training and recalls the master-apprentice chains that had established since the past.

On U40, Joneus sensed an upcoming war against all Ultra Warriors in existence and offered Titas the chance to fight alongside him.

On Planet O-50, Grigio viewed the Crusader's Peak in person for the first time, fully aware that it was the source of her powers. She met Fuma in the middle of his training and revealed Zero's plan to assemble an all-star team of warriors known as the Ultra League.

9 1/24/2021 A team of Ultras escorted Yullian and 80 in their spaceship on a diplomatic mission for the Galactic Federation conference at Planet Kanon. The ship crashed into Planet Ebil (惑星エビル Wakusei Ebiru), where 80 and Yullian survived, but was surrounded by the Zetton army and Zett specifically targeting Yullian. Mebius and Taiga went to the rescue, reluctantly bringing along Z who was disgusted to learn that his opponent is someone who shared his name. When Z's arrogance get the best of him, Zero and the Ultra League arrived as he chastised his supposedly student for his reckless fighting style. The Zetton army were slowly killed one by one, but as Tartarus tried to kidnap Yullian, Zero combined his Shining form and Ultimate Aegis into a singular form to intercept the Absolutian and this time, preventing Tartarus from escaping by bringing the fight to Tartarus' dimension, Narak.
10 1/30/2021 In Narak, Zero tries to use the combination of his two stronger forms, but was defeated by Tartarus when his forms started to take its toll. Meanwhile, the Tri-Squad merges into Tri-Strium through their bond, unleashing all of their attacks upon Zett and restrained him long enough for Ultraman Z to deliver his finishing blow. Zett stood back up and began to summon his army of Zettons, but before the process was complete, Tri-Strium eliminated the group with Rainbow Strium Burst. Zero was purged from Narak and Tartarus successfully kidnapped Yullian. He revealed that his true goal is to use her as a bargaining chip to get the Residents of the Land of Light to surrender their planet for the Absolutian race to inhabit as their second home. For that sake, he had been gathering enemies from the Land of Light's history, including; Reibatos by saving him from his death, Juda and Mold during their active years fighting Andro Melos, bringing the Maga-Soul to Planet Mikarito and finally Leugocyte from its original timeline. He further demonstrated his powers by bringing Belial and Tregear to stop the Ultra League from saving Yullian. As the villains departed with their hostage, Hikari notified the Ultras that the Z Riser and Ultra Medals were stolen from the Land of Light by Genegarg. To make matters worse, reports of Devil Splinters were occurring across the universe. Z decides to pursue the monster with Zero following in suit, having been replenished by Grigio as her thanks for what he did before. Meanwhile, 80, Mebius and the rest of the Ultra League are well aware that their fight is far from over.

Yullian is placed in Narak as her prison cell by Tartarus. She later discovers a silhouetted Ultra-like being heavily restrained in front of her, who she seemed to recognize.


Voice Actors

Character Japanese[1] English[2][3]
Ultraman Zero Mamoru Miyano Eric Kelso
Absolute Tartarus Junichi Suwabe Walter Roberts
Ultraman Taiga Takuma Terashima Matthew Masaru Barron
Ultraman Titas Satoshi Hino Jeff Manning
Ultraman Fuma Shota Hayama Chris Wells
Zett Tomokazu Sugita TBA
Ultrawoman Grigio Arisa Sonohara Rumiko Varnes
Ultraman Joneus Nobuaki Kanemitsu Ryan Drees
Ultraman Ribut Wataru Komada Josh Keller
Andro Melos Tomohiro Yamaguchi Jeff Manning
Ultraman Mebius Jun Fukuyama Maxwell Powers
Ultraman Z Tasuku Hatanaka Peter Von Gomm
Ultraman Taro Hiroya Ishimaru Bill Sullivan
Father of Ultra Hajime Iijima Alexander Hunter
Mother of Ultra Suzuko Mimori Hannah Grace
Zoffy Shunsuke Takeuchi Ryan Drees
Ultraman 80 Hatsunori Hasegawa Iain Gibb
Yullian Haruka Tomatsu Hannah Grace
Ultraman Belial Yuki Ono Jack Merluzzi
Ultraman Tregear Yuma Uchida Michael Rhys
Alien Bat Munetoshi Takubo Alexander Hunter
Reibatos Holly Kaneko TBA





  • When Fuma fires the Polar-Star Light Wave Shuriken, it is mistakenly called the Light Wave Shuriken.


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