The Adventure Nut Arrives! (冒険野郎が来た! Bōken yarō ga kita!) is the 12th episode of Ultraman Leo.


An Aboriginal man may just hold the secret to defeating a monster.


Gen is training with the kids, while a man wearing an Indian aboriginal outfit observes. Suddenly, a monster breaks loose. The warrior charges the creature, and begins to do his wardance. The monster imitates. Using his spear, the warrior drives the monster off. He says his name is Sato Saburo, then reveals he is part of MAC and has been assigned to patrol that part of Japan with Gen.

Later, while eating, Sato accidentally drops his rice ball into a hole, then it suprisingly pops back out. He throws a lighted cigarette into it, and the monster arises, as the holes had been connected to its nostrils. As Bango begins to rampage, MAC begins their attacks.

The monster proves to be a match for them, but then Sato goes and climbs onto a float at the monster's eye level, attacking its hand with a cigarette. It runs away, but soon begins to rampage elsewhere. MAC attacks, but two planes are taken out. It then goes to sleep. Gen, realizing Bango had been copying Sato, deduces it imitates things it finds amusing. Gen then has the brilliant idea to puff Sato's uniform (with him inside) up like a balloon so that the alien would copy it. The man floats into the sky and the poor, dumb, innocent kaiju copies. It begins to smoke as well, and soon begins to sneeze.

The rope holding Sato breaks and Gen transforms into Leo. He catches the man. Enraged, the monster attacks him. The two battle for a bit, but Leo knocks the monster down and blows up its tail. It then floats off to space happy and free. Sato later leaves on a Yeti hunt. End.


  • Saburo Sato (佐藤三郎 Satō Saburō): Akira Ryuu Azuma (東龍明 Tatsuaki Azuma)




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Ultraman Leo Volume 2 features episodes 9-12, & Complete DVD-Box Features All Episodes.

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