The Acceptor's Secret (アクセプターの秘密 Akuseputā no Himitsu) is the 2nd episode of Denkou Choujin Gridman.


After improving the Junk, Yuka, Naoto, and Ippei contacted Gridman where the Hyper Agent revealed that he is currently tracking down Khan Digifer who sought to dominate both Human World and Computer World. Gridman further revealed that he chose Naoto as his host due to impressed by his good heart, something which crucial to stop Khan's evil. Meanwhile, Khan, upon seeing Takeshi having a bad day at the school, brainwashed the young man to create Bamora and having it hacking Sakura University's computer system in order to establish a dimensional rift between the Computer World and Real World. Upon learning the situation from Gridman, Naoto immediately merged with the Hyper Agent, but unable to enter the university's computer system due to a barrier. This prompted Yuka and Ippei to dismantle the barrier with a Destroyer Program, allowing Gridman to enter in time to destroy the digital kaiju before it could transverse to the real world. Once the threat eliminated, Gridman and Naoto repaired the damage and closed the rift, though it was opened long enough for Daichi to see the battle within.






  • The episode revealed that the path which Gridman and Naoto went through in order to access the Computer World being called Passroute.
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