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The 4,600 Million Year-Old Ghosts (46億年の亡霊 46 Oku-nen no Bōrei) is eighth episode of Ultraman Gaia.


An entity is discovered at a dam, and XIG is given a warning not to seek it out when TV cameras broadcast the creature nationwide.









  • Military
    • 1 x Peace Carry
    • XIG Fighters
      • 2 x Exciters
        • 1 x in Container Mode only
      • 3 x Sky Surfers
        • 2 x in Container Mode only
      • 5 x Sky Gainers
        • 3 x in Container Mode only
    • 12 x Seagull-Floaters
      • 4 x in Container Mode only
    • 1 x MLRS-Bison (in Container Mode only)
    • 2 x Defense Force Support Fighters (Stock Footage)
    • 1 x GUARD 4WD
      • Land Rover Discovery V8i
  • Civilian

Home Media

  • Ultraman Gaia Volume 2 features episodes 5-8.


  • Anemos are Crabgan are the first monsters that combine and don't make a different form.
  • In the beginning of the episodes, all the monsters up to that point are shown on a TV.
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