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The 1/8 Project (1/8計画 Hachibun-no-Ichi Keikaku) is the seventeenth episode of Ultra Q.


After being trampled beneath the maddening rush of a crowded Tokyo train station, Yuriko discovers crowds of people volunteering to participate in a new experiment called the 1/8 Project. When Yuriko enquires into the nature of the project, she is accidentally reduced to 1/8 her normal size. The project, she learns, is being tested by the Japanese government as a possible solution to urban overcrowding; by miniaturizing the citizens, cities can allow for the continued proliferation of life on a much smaller scale. Following her miniaturization, Yuriko is accused of having trespassed into Area S13 without a passport and is delivered to jail for incarceration. Hearing her plight, her normal-sized cellmate helps her to escape. She is discovered by two nuns, who deliver her to Jun's office at Hoshikawa Airport. Upon finding a memorial photo of herself in the empty office, Yuriko's hopes of returning normal size begin to fade and she leaves for Area S13. In their search for Yuriko, Jun and Ippei discover the miniature metropolis, but their enormous size frightens the Lilliputian citizens. When they locate Yuriko, she flees from thern, resigned to remain in Area S13 Yuriko eventually awakens in a hospital bed, elated to find that she has been restored to normal size. It turns out that her whole adventure was a dream, following her nearly being trampled to death in the train station.



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Ultra Q Volume 5 Features episodes 17-20, & Total Natural Color DVD Volume 5 features episodes 15-17.

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