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Tetsuya Kitajima (北島 哲也 Kitajima Tetsuya) is an ZAT member, in episode 33 and 34, Ultraseven borrowed his body.


Tetsuya Kitajima was accidently burning Kotaro Higashi who sleeping in Tigris Flower (Astromons), when Kotaro was angry to him and trying fighting each other before Oil Drinker was reappearance in the night.

Kitajima was tricked by Alien Dorzu and almost left ZAT when the ZAT members were suspicious of his childhood friend Mari.


Willpower: After merging briefly with Ultraseven, Kitajima is able to transform into the giant by raising his arm in the air. This was only done once to battle against Alien Temperor.


  • Kitajima's actor who later make special guest apperance in Ultraman Gaia; episode 35, but his name change to Takashi Tsumura.