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Tetsuro Matsumoto (松本鉄朗 Matsumoto Tetsurō) is one of the side characters in Ultraman Geed. He is one of the Little Star hosts.


Ultraman Geed

Sometime before episode 16, Tetsuro developed symptoms of a Little Star on his body and was sent to an AIB Facility to protect him from any monsters attacks along with Fujio and Sakura.

In episode 16, he meet Laiha along with Fujio and Sakura in a room inside the AIB after Laiha once again develop the symptoms of a Little Star and taken to the same facility by the AIB. He was almost taken by Godo-Wynn after he held Tri-Tip at gunpoint after injuring her and forcing her to open the room where Tetsuro, Toko and Fujio is until Laiha dashed in and saved him from Godo-Wynn. After the facility was partially destroyed by Godo-Wynn when the alien grew to giant size, Tetsuro and the others present quickly left the facility and witnessed Belial's arrival on Earth and defeating Zero and Geed before kidnapping Geed via Chimeraberus and left for the Moon.

After Chimeraberus was sent by the Earth by Geed and engaging a heated battle with each other, Tetsuro along with Toko and Fujio where brought to the scene by Zenna and Moa, telling them to only way to remove their Little Stars is the pass it to Geed. Tetsuro cheered from Geed and have her Little Star delivered to Geed after the young Ultra defeated Chimeraberus as Royal Mega Master.

Powers and Weapons

  • Little Star (リトルスター Ritoru Sutā): Tetsuro possess a Little Star in her body, with it, he can perform a mental combustion on other objects. After praying to Geed, the Little Star is transferred to Geed as the Taro Capsule.