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Terror of the Sweet Honey (甘い蜜の恐怖 Amai Mitsu no Kyōfu) is the eigthth episode of Ultra Q.


Jun, Yuriko, lppei and Dr. Ichinotani visit a laboratory near Mount Isa to learn more about the experiments of a researcher named Kimura. Kimura has developed a special nutrient called Honey Zelion, which he has fed to colonies of bees. Following an incident of vandalism at the greenhouse where the bees are stored, a giant mole called Mongular appears, terrorizing the farmland community. Apparently, the animal had eaten the larvae bred on Honey Jellion and grew to super size. Kimura blames himself for the tragedy when the monster wreaks havoc in the nearby village. The investigative trio soon discovers, however, that it was Kimura's jealous colleague, Itami, who had deliberately demolished the greenhouse, thus enabling the mole access to nutrient-raised insects. Itami flees the authorities and, in trying to destroy the monster with dynamite, is killed. Under the suggestion of Dr. Ichinotani, the military is alerted to launch missiles to stimulate the volcanic activity in the area. The mole monster is eventually destroyed in the ensuing eruption.



Home Media

  • Ultra Q Volume 2 features episodes 5-8, & Total Natural Color Blu-Ray Volume 3 Features Episodes 8-11.


  • During the climatic final scenes, the stock footage of Toho's 1956's Rodan film was used. As the ending naration begins, a scene where a Rodan can be seen flapping it's wings in vein to escape the lava can be seen.
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