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Terror of the Saucer Race Series - The Shooting Star from Hell (恐怖の円盤生物シリーズ・地獄から来た流れ星! Kyōfu no enban seibutsu shirīzu - Jigoku kara kita nagareboshi!) is the forty-fourth episode of Ultraman Leo. It is the fifth episode in the Terror of the Saucer Race Series (恐怖の円盤生物シリーズ Kyōfu no enban seibutsu shirīzu) story arc.


A new saucer creature has arrived on Earth, but Tooru's school conflict may get in the way of its destruction.


Black Directive summons Black Garon to earth. Tooru gets into a fight with another boy named Kenji and breaks his European watch. His rich parent arrives at the Miyama household, and tells Gen not to let such a thing happen again. Sakiko Miyama says that she believes Tooru would not break a watch on purpose and acts dismissive once the man leaves. Meanwhile, Tooru runs off miserable into the night.

Ayumi reveals that Kenji boasted about having a father to her and Tooru, which caused the latter to beat him up and Gen goes out to look for him. Tooru, at the playground, sees Black Garron arrive from the sky, but is trapped under debris as the monster lands in the city. Seeing the monster advancing, Gen rushes over and manages to free Tooru, helping him flee.

Using its tongue, Black Garon tries to eat Gen and Tooru. Gen tells Tooru to run while he distracts the monster. He transforms and attacks. Leo is defeated, but Black Directive arrives and orders Garon to retreat. Later, Gen and Tooru are patched up by the Miyamas.

When going to school, Tooru and Ayumi come upon Kenji picking up what he thinks is a meteorite. Ayumi and Tooru recognize it, and the former runs of to tell Gen. Before Gen gets there, the boy runs off to his father, who is a meteorologist.

The father tells him that he was told by Kenji that Tooru bullied him again that morning. He tells the scientist that the "meteorite" is really a saucer monster, but the man does not believe him. When he hits the monster with a hammer or burns it, it shows no sign of life, and so Gen is sent away.

While he is walking, Mrs. Miyama arrives and encourages him. He returns to the lab. Meanwhile, the monster wakes up and attacks the scientist and his child. Gen arrives in time to get them out. Black Garron sets the lab on fire, blowing it up, and becomes large.

From the ruins of the lab Leo and Garon arise. After some time, Leo punches Garon's tongue in two, and the monster dies. Believing Gen to be dead, the scientist and Kenji repent for their misdeeds. Just then, Gen returns and they thank him.

Infuriated at his defeat, Black Directive summons Blizzard from the black star.







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  • Ultraman Leo Volume 11 features episodes 41-44.
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