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Terror of the Saucer Race Series - The Phantom Girl (恐怖の円盤生物シリーズ・まぼろしの少女 Kyōfu no enban seibutsu shirīzu - Ma boroshi no shōjo) is the forty-fifth episode of Ultraman Leo. It is the sixth episode in the Terror of the Saucer Race Series (恐怖の円盤生物シリーズ Kyōfu no enban seibutsu shirīzu) story arc.


Scientists start investigating Black Star, and Black Directive brings in an assassin to stop them. Meanwhile, Tooru befriends a mysterious girl...


Black Directive sends the saucer creature Blizzard to stop a group of scientists from investigating Black Star. Gen and Tooru are woken by Blizzard descending to Earth, and go to confront it. On their way to the creature, they meet a mysterious girl who is holding a doll. Blizzard submerges itself in a lake and freezes the lake's surface. As Gen and Tooru are heading home, they hear a scream and find that a man has been murdered. The man's body is cold and he was one of the scientists researching Black Star. Another scientist has been murdered in the same way in his home.

The next day, Tooru stops a group of children from bullying the girl he met yesterday. He introduces himself to the girl and she says her name is Mayuko. Tooru brings her to his home but she is reluctant to enter. The doll speaks to Mayuko, telling her to complete her mission. She runs away and Gen chases after her, but Tooru stops him from following her any more. Gen believes she’s with Black Star but Tooru insists she’s a lost child who hasn’t done anything wrong. 

The following day, Tooru goes to look for Mayuko and Gen goes after him. They speak to a man who is guarding one of the scientists from Black Star, who says a girl passed by earlier. Suspecting that it was Mayuko, Gen and Tooru run to the scientist’s house. The doll murders the scientist and attacks Gen and Tooru. The doll flies to Mayuko and Tooru steps in front of her, telling her to stop. Gen snatches the doll from her and throws it to the ground, damaging it. Mayuko picks it up and runs, Gen and Tooru following after her.

Mayuko runs to the lake Blizzard is resting in and summons it. She is beamed up by the saucer creature and it takes on a humanoid form. Gen transforms into Leo in order to protect Tooru from the creature’s ice attacks. Leo defeats Blizzard, but since Mayuko was within the creature, its defeat meant that she died as well. The doll falls to the ground and Tooru picks it up. He is saddened by Mayuko’s death and is comforted by Miyama. Black Directive tells Black Star about Leo’s weakness and sends for another assassin that is strong enough to defeat Leo.



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  • Ultraman Leo Volume 12 features episodes 45-48.


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