Terrible Predator (戦慄の捕食者 Senritsu no Hoshokusha) is the eighth episode of Ultraman Mebius


An electric attack is added to Miclas, while Mirai seeks out Serizawa as Bogar continues her rampage.


GUYS adds an electric attack to the capsule monster Miclas from Eleking, because Bogar has a low resistance to it. The tool used to create the Marquette Monsters malfunctions, and a tiny Eleking appears. Teppei theorizes that Miclas excluded Eleking from the combo. Lim Eleking still has a one minute time limit. Unfortunately, it continues reappearing.

Mirai finds Serizawa fighting Bogar's human form, and asks why he attacked as Tsurugi. He tells him that Bogar will devour the Earth, and summon monsters to it as its feeding ground. Just then, Mirai is summoned back to base as Bogar begins to feed on kaiju. GUYS deploys.

Mirai and Konomi attack Bogar from the ground. Mirai sees Serizawa and stops while Konomi attacks with Eleki-Miclas. Ryu and Marina are forced to land. Mirai tells Serizawa that the body does not belong to him, and then transforms as Eleki-Miclas runs out of time.

The two fight, while Ryu witnesses Serizawa transform into Tsurugi. Mebius manages to cause Bogar to seemingly explode.





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  • Ultraman Mebius Volume 2 features episodes 5-8.
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