The Terrestrial Defense Force (地球防衛軍 Chikyū bōei-gun) is a international military organization formed to defend Earth from any invasion. The main headquarters are located in Paris and has branches in Washington, Moscow, London, Berlin, Arctic, Far East, Sydney and Cairo. The Far East base (Japan) leads the Asian region of TDF. They also have a Rocky Mountain Science Center, a peace conference center, and a Antarctic Science Center. They have Space Stations: Space Station V1, V3 and a Moon base. The organization presumably formed into the Earth Defense Organization by 1971 and headed MAT and subsequent organizations.


There are actually 3,000 members of TDF, these members shown are high ranked officials.




He hired Dan Moroboshi into the Ultra Garrison.

Main article: Takenaka Jinguji

If Captain Kiriyama is absent from the Ultra Garrison, he substitutes him. In Heisei Ultraseven, he was given a higher position as a director of TDF


Has the same role as Takenaka. He had encountered Alien Bell when a airplane crashed into Space X. He ordered the bombing of Pegassa City.

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  • Actor: Akihiko Hirata

A staff who only appeared in the first episode.

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  • Actor: Franz Gruber

An American member who, like Yanagawa, only appeared in the first episode.


  • Actor: Nobuyoshi Matsukuma

  • Actor: Masahiro Noguchi

  • Actor: Masaki Nishimori


  • Actor: Hisaya Ito

  • Actor: Meiji Nomura

  • Actor: Taro Shimada


  • Actor: Yoshi Katsube

  • Actor: Koji Iwamoto

  • Actor: Akira Hirose

  • Actors: Haruhiko Okamura, Takashi Onose, Koji Kaminishi, Toshihiro Okada

Medical Staff

  • Actor: Osamu Okabe, Fumito Matsuo

  • Actor: Sodamaru Koda

Vlcsnap-2019-08-22-23h16m21s242 (2)
Vlcsnap-2019-08-22-23h21m10s73 (2)
  • Actors: Seizo Uehara, Tetsuo Kaneshiro, Kaisuke Akai, Iwao Kojima

Power Supply

  • Actor: Ren Yamamoto

  • Actor: Toshiaki Nishida

Public Relations

  • Actor: Kouichi Ueda


  • Actor: Mikami Sakyo

  • Actors:Unknown


  • Actors: Unknown


  • Actor: Kazumasa Seki

Space Station

  • Actor: Hiroshi Minami

  • Actor: Asao Matsumoto

  • Actor: Satoshi Yamanaka

  • Actor: Jiro Tsuruga

  • Actor: Unknown

  • Actor: Takeshi Yamazaki

  • Actors: Shutaka Oyama, Tadashi Kobayashi, Hideto Nakagawa

  • Actors: Yoshiyuki Okawa, Hideo Sasakura

Antarctic Base

  • Actor:Rin Ogata

  • Actor: Maki Wakayama

  • Actor: Koichi Sato

  • Actors: Masayoshi Yoshihara (Dr. Ito), Enver Altenbay (Dr. Green)

  • Actor: Kouichi Yamamoto

Washington Base

Dorothy anderson

  • Actor: Terry Fransworth, Yasuo Yamada (Dub)

Global Environment Conservation Committee

  • Actor: Satoshi Ito

Vlcsnap-2019-01-03-22h31m55s7 (3)

Vlcsnap-2019-01-03-22h31m55s7 (2)
  • Actor: Yasuhiko Saijou

Vlcsnap-2019-01-03-22h31m38s88 (3)
  • Actor: Noboru Tsuburaya

Vlcsnap-2019-01-03-22h32m48s24 (3)
  • Actor: Terumi Yoshida

  • Actor: Hitoshi Takeuchi



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