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"Both being a member of GUYS and being a doctor, are jobs for saving lives."

―Teppei Kuze, One Path

Teppei Kuze (クゼ・テッペイ Kuze Teppei) is the analyst of team GUYS-J, Teppei gained the nickname 'Monster Professor' from his vast knowledge of the subject. He is also a medical student in training.


Ultraman Mebius

He was born the heir to a fortune and was always being followed by his mother. He was a medical school student before joining GUYS, with his goal being to take over his father's hospital. Teppei, along with his later team members, join Mirai in saving Konomi's 'little ones' back at her school, which turned out to be rabbits the children were raising. He and the others watched Mebius' first battle and though he first turned down the invitation he joined guys to fight Gudon.

Teppei had shown to be a monster otaku, his knowledge of such creatures was often what created the strategies used to defeat them, earning him the nickname "Monster Professor' from his peers in GUYS.

Although his mother opposed his membership in GUYS at first, she relented when he protected his father's hospital and its patients Insectus by his work, earning him her blessing and that pride of his father. He has shown to be knowledgeable in not just monsters but also the previous Ultramen that visited Earth, having a greater fan love for them than monster. Teppei became the new doctor of his father's hospital after Mebius and Hikari returned to the Land of Light.

In episode 33, he was asked by his friend to helped his friend's sister, Misa, who had been possessed by Femigon and became its vessel. During one attack, Teppei became angry with Mirai when he nearly used the Mebium Shot to stop Femigon ans ave two workers. Later, Teppei apologized and reconciled with Mirai and the two worked to find the solution to help Misa. Finally, they find a cure, but Femigon rampaged again. Working with Mebius, the combined power of their new Meteor and Mebius' Ultra Beam freed Misa and destroyed Femigon. Unfortunately for the smitten Teppei, Misa did not remember her time as Femigon's host.

Powers and Weapons

  • Medical Training: Teppei was a medical student during the series, working hard to take over his father's Hospital.
  • Intellect: Besides medical knowledge Teppei seemed to knowledgeable in a variety of other subjects
  • Monster Knowledge: Teppei is a monster otaku, being able to name monster faster than Konomi can search for them. His knowledge of monsters and aliens, combined with his medical knowledge and intellect was often the source of Team GUYS strategies
  • GUYS Training: Teppei has the basic training for a GUYS member, being able to use their weapons and fly their machines.