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Tepeto (テペト) was a Kaiju that appeared in episode 41 of Ultraseven.

Subtitle: Kappa Monster (河童怪獣 Kappa Kaijū)



Tepeto was a bio weapon created by the Alien Tepeto. The Tepeto seijin called out to their monster when the UG attacked the base. While Dan Moroboshi was stuck in chains he became Ultraseven! Tepeto and Ultraseven began to fight in the water. During the fight, Tepeto pretended to beg for mercy multiple times, each time causing Ultraseven to let his guard down; Tepeto would then blast him with his water cannon, or trip him and swim away. With his patience waning, Ultraseven decided enough was enough. The hero swiftly shot the deceitful monster with his Emerium Ray, then split Tepeto into two with the Eye Slugger. The Challenge from the Water


Tepeto's original design by the contestant.

  • Tepeto, along with Guyros was a submission for a contest in which fans could submit their own alien designs for the series.
  • Like the Alien Tepeto, the Kaiju Tepeto resembles the kappa of Japanese mythology.
  • In the middle-to-late 1990s, footage of Tepeto was used for the TNT, TBS and Cartoon Network show Cartoon Planet. Tepeto footage was used to depict an alien in the recurring sketch entitled 'Messages from Outer Space' that would feature other Ultraseven Kaiju broadcasting to Space Ghost, Zorak and Brak on Cartoon Planet. In his featured message, he was called Gar Jr.; son of Gar and Zelba Fitzgerald of the Sixth Moon of Planet Granth. His friend Zippy (really Ultraseven) is said to be wearing a cheap Ultraseven dress up costume.
  • Tepeto has a modified Ebirah roar which would later be reused for Takkong.
  • Both Tepeto and its masters were named after the katakana for Peter of the 12 apostles.


  • Height: 38 m
  • Weight: 8,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Tepeto
Powers and Weapons
  • Claws: Tepeto has a claw for each hand used for bashing enemies.
  • Adept Swimmer: Tepeto can swim at medium speeds.
  • Head Cannon: Tepeto can fire a powerful stream of water from the top of his head.





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