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Race: {{{Race}}}
Ultra Type: {{{type}}}
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This template can be used to identify Ultraman. It'll automatically include categories for the series where the ultra appears as well as the type of ultra he/she is.

|name=Fullname " style=""><a href=" style=""><a href="style="">of the</a></a></a> character
|image=Image of the Ultra
|complex = 250px, allows for numerous image tabbing
|complex2 = image of the Ultra forms, allows for numerous image tabbing
|label=Ultra name
|gender=male or female
|series=Name of the series
|Race=The Race of the Ultra
|type="hero", "villain", "anti-hero", "trooper", "surprise" etc
|color=base color (for toprow)
|height=the height of the ultra
|weight=the weight of the ultra
|homeworld=Homeworld of the character
|firstepisode=Episode of the first appearance
|lastepisode=Episode of the last appearance
|numberofappearances=Total number of the appearances
|actor=Actor of the character
|suit actor=
|label2 = Multi Ultra names}}