Telephone Panic Crisis (電話パニック危機一髪 Denwa Panikku Kikiippatsu) is the 3rd episode of Denkou Choujin Gridman.


Furious over his mother's apparent negligence through their conversation on the phone, Takeshi designed Volcadon and have Khan turned it into digital kaiju which then hacks the telephone network's main computer to disrupt every single one of cell phone frequencies. Unknown to Ippei, his sister Kanna and Daichi accidentally locked themselves inside an abandoned delivery truck during a game of hide and seek during the ensuing chaos. Unable to contact Naoto, Ippei went for Naoto's place after he and Yuka learned the situation where he met Naoto along the way. Acting fast, Naoto merges with Gridman to combat Volcadon where at the same time, Ippei, recalled that his sister had a phone and even briefly called him before the phone line abruptly shut down, implored Girdman to restore the telephone network's main computer long enough for Ippei to pinpoint Kanna's location. Gridman succesfully decimated Volcadon and restored the telephone network, allowing Ippei to contact Tokyo Rescue to save the trapped Kanna and Daichi.






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