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"I learned from my students today. I'm the one that's grateful. The time I spent teaching them.. is part of my dearest memories."

Takeshi Yamato

Teacher's Memories (思い出の先生 Omoide no Sensei) is the forty-first episode of Ultraman Mebius. It features Mirai Hibino/Ultraman Mebius teaming-up with Ultraman 80 with Hatsunori Hasegawa respiring his role as the human form of Ultraman 80, Takeshi Yamato.


A teacher helps students at a middle school. Meanwhile, Roberuga II crashes to earth, with Ultraman 80 in pursuit. He is joined by Mebius and the two defeat the monster.

Outside the school, several alumni remember their school days and are sad to hear the building will be torn down. They remember their sensei, Takeshi Yamato, who simply disappeared one day. One of the alumni who became a teacher says he believes Yamato was Ultraman 80. The three former students plan to hold a reunion, and hope Yamato will attend.

GUYS detects a Minus Energy reading from the school and Mirai goes to investigate it. The teacher asks him if he heard of Yamato. Mirai telepathically asks him to attend the reunion on behalf of the former students. However, 80 tells him he had to give up himself as a teacher, and cannot attend. But when Mirai sees that they hear the news of 80 on earth in the paper and are excited Yamato might attend, he is unable to deliver the message.

Meanwhile, the minus energy begins appearing again. Konomi theorizes the school is sad its getting torn down and is causing the minus energy. Teppei disagrees. Mirai and the captain have an inspirational conversation about people and memories. The reunion begins to get together. They hold it on the roof so Ultraman 80 can see, hoping Yamato will arrive.

With its former students holding one last reunion, the school building gets so sad it summons a monster, Hoe. Mirai transforms and engages the monster. It knocks Mebius down and showers him with tears, when 80 shows up. He quickly dissolves the monster. His students begin to call out to him, and display a banner thanking him for their memories.

80 stands motionless while they sing their school's song, and 80 stands motionless before flying away into the sky. Mirai watches when Takeshi comes beside him and tells him he learned from his students, that his memories of them are among his fondest. He then goes to join them in the reunion. GUYS joins Mirai, who then says the school did call the monster, but it was to bring 80 and his students together.


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Home Media

  • Ultraman Mebius Volume 11 features episodes 41-44.


  • This episode was later featured in New Ultraman Retsuden episode 69 "80's Bond: Teacher of Memories".
  • The extras playing former students are all different actors picking up traits of their roles. This was done since searching for the former Sakuragaoka students to reprise their roles would be impossible.
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