"Whenever there is light, there will also be darkness. But that power is too strong. Too much power can bring upon destruction."

―Tamayura's instruction to Gai on the use of Belial's card.

Princess Tamayura (玉響姫 Tamayura hime), also called as Tamayura Hime no Mikoto (玉響姫の尊) is a character in Ultraman Orb and was a princess during ancient times. She was the one who protected the seal of Maga-Orochi for many years and has assisted Gai several times in the series.


Ultraman Orb

Ancient Times

During ancient times, it was revealed that Maga-Orochi had kidnapped her and held her in captivity in the Forbidden Forest. It was Zoffy who rescued her from Maga-Orochi and put the demon beast to sleep. As a result, Tamayura had guarded over the seal of Maga-Orochi for several centuries.

Present Times

She first appeared in episode 6 when Naomi, her uncle and her friends were trapped and hunted by Alien Nackle in the Forbidden Forest, she appeared and pointing the way for them to escape. After that, she watched Gai as Orb defeating Aribunta and she looked at Gai at the end of the episode and Gai smiled back at her.

In episode 11, she appeared at the restaurant where Gai, Juggler, Naomi and her mother were eating. She appeared as a giant to warn Gai about the big calamity that was approaching. The next day, while Juggler was fighting Gai and used the Lord Monsters cards to revive Maga-Orochi she appeared too late to stop him.

In episode 12, she was given strength by Naomi, her mother and her friends. She later appeared to Gai and gave him the Zoffy card as well as the Belial card to transform into Thunder Breastar. She warned that Belial's power was too great and the power had be controlled properly or it could bring disaster. Gai tried to use Belial's card but failed. Just then, Maga-Orochi appeared in front of them and Tamayura erected a shield to hold Maga-Orochi and ordered Gai to transform. With Belial refused to lend Gai his power, Tamayura purposely lowered her defenses and let herself be seemingly obliterated by Maga-Orochi. This gave Gai the power and rage for Belial to approve him and transform into Thunder Breastar, defeating Maga-Orochi to avenge her, or so it seemed.

Powers and Weapons

  • Spirit State: Though dead, she continued to exist in a state similar to Kate and Alien Rayblood.
    • Size Change: She can project herself into any size she wishes. Shown in episode 11, she appeared in a giant form.
    • Energy Shield: She can channel an energy shield by firing a green ray from both of her hands. Used to hold off Maga-Orochi to buy Gai some time to transform. This shield was able to stop Maga-Orochi's Maga Thunderclap.
    • Levitation: She can levitate long distances.


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