Takkong's Big Counterattack (タッコング大逆襲 Takkongu Dai-Gyakushu) is the 2nd episode of Return of Ultraman.


While going through the various MAT training courses, Hideki Goh aces them all garnering perfect scores every time. When the monster Takkong surfaces again sinking a tanker vessel, Goh and other MAT members plan to eradicate the beast with torpedoes. During the undersea attack, Goh gets trigger happy and nearly gets him and Minami killed. With Minami unconscious, Goh tries to change to Ultraman, but fails to do so. The monster retreats and Goh is released from MAT duty. He returns to his friend Sakata so as to build his specialized race car, Ryuusei #2; but he doesn't want to work with him, either. Meanwhile, Takkong attacks an oil refinery trapping Minami below ground leaving Captain Kato and his crew helpless to get to him and workers trapped below. Goh then comes to save the people who are stuck in the oil refinery Goh only saved one then he went back. This time it was on fire. Goh beacme Ultraman Jack and killed Takkong with the specium beam.



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Return of Ultraman Vol 1 Episodes 1-4.

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