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Takeshi Tsuruno (つるの 剛士 Tsuruno Takeshi) is a Japanese actor, voice actor and musician, originally from Moji-ku, Kitakyūshū, and Fukuoka Prefecture. Takeshi Tsuruno is also his real name, though written in the kanji 靏野 剛士 instead. He is known for his roles as Shin Asuka/Ultraman Dyna in Ultraman Dyna, and as the leader of the musical units Shuchishin and Aladdin. As a member of Shuchishin and Aladdin, he appears regularly on the variety show Quiz! Hexagon II and his band's singles have appeared high on the Oricon Charts. He appeared again in Ultraman Saga.

Personal Life

Takeshi Tsuruno is married to his former stylist, Miki Endō (遠藤 美紀 Endō Miki) in 2003. The couple has five children: a son named Eito (詠斗), March 27, 2004 and three daughters named Uta (うた), January 6, 2006; Oto (おと), July 15, 2007; and Iro (いろ), November 6, 2009 and his latest son was born on June 6, 2016.

He named his albums after his daughters, and after recording his first album and before the birth of his third daughter he mused naming an album after his son such that it was called Tsuruno Mugendai (つるの∞(無限大).

Takeshi's hobbies are guitar, trumpet, fishing, and cycling.

Health issues

He was confirmed to have tested positive for COVID-19 on 27 August 2020. His other family members tested negative but were placed under self isolation.[1] As of March 2021, Takeshi has fully recovered from COVID-19.

Ultraman Dyna

Asuka in Ultraman Dyna

He made his first appearance in the Ultraman franchise in Ultraman Dyna from 1997-1998. His role in this series is as Shin Asuka (Ultraman Dyna's human host) a somewhat funny sport and his known motto "Never Give Up". His partner on the series is Risa Saito as Ryo Yumimura.


Stock Grunts

This section here refers to Takeshi's grunts being reused per stock footage on other Ultraman Series:




  • Takeshi Tsuruno is a fan of Ultraman 80, having watched the series in his childhood and once claiming that 80 would appear in Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers before Hiroshi Nagano, Daigo Madoka's actor and Ultraman Tiga's voice actor at the time, corrected him.
  • The original concept behind Shin Asuka is to have him as a baseball player, but this was less focused due to Takeshi having intermediate experience as a baseball player.
  • The reason why his name "Tsuruno" was made into Hiragana was that he has difficulty writing Kanji. His real name is sometimes written as "Tsuruno". His uncle is an illustrator named Hisao Tsuruno. He professed to be a Christian with Antonio's baptismal name.
  • The reason why Takeshi entered the entertainment industry was that he enjoys television and loves being conspicuous. Takeshi was a big fan of Chiemi Hori and the Onyanko Club. One of his classmates was on television once as a child, which inspired Takeshi.
  • When Takeshi auditioned for Dyna, director Kazuya Konaka felt a strong impact from the goodness and brightness of Takeshi.
  • Takeshi is a toy collector in his real life and had mentioned being a fan of Saint Seiya and the original 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam anime. He also kept the toys but unfortunately, some of them broke after he lent it to his eldest son for him to play with. In spite of that, he had also planned for buying replacements for the aforementioned sets.

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