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Takenaka Jinguji was one of the Generals of the TDF in Ultraseven and then he became the Supreme General of GUYS in Ultraman Mebius.




Heisei Ultraseven

Takenaka in Heisei Ultraseven 1998 and 1999 OVs

Takenaka was still a staff member of TDF albeit as a director of the Far Eastern Base. During the destruction of the Moon Base by Alien Valkyrie, Takenaka appointed Kaji to succeed Furuhashi, who unfortunately was among the casualities of the rampage, in taking charge of the UG. Later on, when Kaji supposedly had them terminated following the amok of one of the Ultra Hawk machines, the team's captain, Sanshiro Shiragane, attempted to resign but Takenaka refused to accept it. Sooner, when TDF took Kazamori, one of the Ultra Guard members, in custody after they found him in the storage facility with unconscious guards and identified him as an alien, Takenaka and the rest of the TDF staff were convinced by Kaji that Ultraseven should no longer be trusted after revealing that he knew about the Omega Files. They were initially in confusion. Later, when Kaji left to track down some Ultra Guard members and then Ultraseven, a monster which rose up from the ground began tracking down some TDF facilites, that included the transmitting satelites. That made them put into shock. Shiragane later arrived in the conference room to seek permission to open the Omega File and transmit it to the entire universe. After justifying his reasons about it, Takenaka finally agreed and allowed him to do so. He then ordered Kaji to ceasefire and let Ultraseven check the contents of the Oparts (an ancient casket which was excavated a day ago and was placed in the storage facility) himself. However, Kaji ignored his order and proceed a failed attempt to stop Seven. After the monster's defeat by Seven, Takenaka declared the Earth's entering the new age of peace, ultimately leading to the abolition of the aggression "Friendship Plan" plot. Although he didn't appeared in EVOLUTION OV, he appeared in EVOLUTION novelization, wherein he participated in rebuilding the destroyed TDF Far Eastern Branch.

Ultraman Mebius




Kenji Sahara, Takenaka's actor, portraying himself as a TDF commander (right) in one of the two 1994 Heisei Ultraseven TV Specials