"Daichi, keep Gomora inside that case until the aurora is gone."
"What about you, dad?"
"I'm going to save your mother. Don't move from here, okay?

―Takashi's final words to young Daichi.

Takashi Ozora (大空 鷹志 Ōzora Takashi) was an archaeologist and the father to Daichi Ozora.


Ultraman X

A Spark Doll researcher, one day he found a Gomora Spark Doll and used to study it. Eventually, the doll itself was acknowledged as part of the Ozora family.

However during the night of the Ultra Flare, his wife trapped in her laboratory, which prompted him to rescue her but in the end, he and his wife gone missing when their laboratory mysteriously digitized. The young Daichi was horrified to bear witness the event while holding to Gomora, which was given to Takashi before he disappeared.


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