Takashi Arai (新井タカシ Arai Takashi) is one of the minor characters in Ultraman Geed. He appeared in episode 5.


10 days ago, he found and adopted Moko after the critter healed his injured fingers and since then he made his fortune by using Moko’s healing power.

When Riku was watching the news, Takashi was featured in the news as a comedian made himself famous with his healing powers that alerted the attention of Riku and his friends. However, despite that, the career did not get him anywhere richer. Moa hunted Takashi since he kept a Lunah as a pet named Moko and capture the animal from Takashi.

After meeting Riku and his friends, Leito tries to get him to heal someone (Zero) in his body but Arai is unavailable to do it. Unable to hide it, he gives him and reveals that it was his pet Moko who did it. After knowing Takashi was exploiting Moko powers and using him to earn money, Zero was angry and wanted to teach him a lesson but Arstron. Fearing the safety of his animal pet, he rushes to find Moko. Arai then went all the trouble to find Moko and eventually found him entangled in a net and rescued him from the net. Takashi then recalled himself being ditched many times and only Moko remained supportive of him as a comedian. Takashi then watches as Moko delivers his Little Star to Geed and witnessed the Ultra defeating the Kaiju in a harmless way with his Acro Smasher form.

Although his pet loses his healing ability, Takashi decides to continue on his career. Wheh Moa comes and take Moko from him, Moko escapes from Moa's hands and jump back to Takashi. Because of this, Moa and AIB decided to observe Takashi and Moko's interacting with each other from afar.

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