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The Taiga Tri Blade (タイガトライブレード Taiga Torai Burēdo) is the Transformation Item and primary weapon of Ultraman Taiga Tri-Strium. It was transformed from the Tri-Squad-let.


  • Burning Wheel (バーニングホイール Bāningu Hoīru)[1]: The red, rotatable wheel in the center.
  • Ignition Trigger (イグニッショントリガー Igunisshon Torigā)[1]: The red trigger on the side of the handle.
  • Ignition Switch (イグニッションスイッチ Igunisshon Suicchi)[1]: The red button at the bottom of the pommel.


Hiroyuki's Use
  • Transformation: Hiroyuki uses the Taiga Tri Blade to transform into Ultraman Taiga Tri-Strium.
Taiga's Use
  • Deflection: The Taiga Tri Blade is able to deflect projectiles fired at Taiga.
  • Slash Combo: Taiga delivers several energy slashes with the Tri Blade, making a cross-shaped mark before stabbing the blade into its center, blasting through and past the opponent. It's powerful enough to instantly destroy Night Fang, who Taiga had struggled with the durability of before.
  • Burning Spin Charge (バーニングスピンチャージ Bāningu Supin Chāji): Taiga jumps up and rotates his whole body with the Taiga Tri Blade in front of him, becoming a flaming drill that can even break through the Zetton Barrier.
  • Taiga Blast Attack (タイガブラストアタック Taiga Burasuto Attakku): By pressing the Ignition Switch one time and spin the Burning Wheel, using Taiga's power, the whole body is coated in fire. He dashes forward, impaling the enemy before exploding.
  • Titas Burning Hammer (タイタスバーニングハンマー Taitasu Bāningu Hanmā): By pressing the Ignition Switch two times, and spin the Burning Wheel, using Titas' power, the Taiga Tri Blade's tip emits a sphere of yellow fire which Taiga swings at the opponent.
  • Fuma Flame Slash (風真烈火斬 Fūma Rekka-zan): By pressing the Ignition Switch three times and spin the Burning Wheel, using Fuma's power, the Taiga Tri Blade forms a giant wheel of blue fire that cuts through enemies.
  • Tri-Strium Burst (トライストリウムバースト Torai Sutoriumu Bāsuto): By pressing the Ignition Switch four times and spin the Burning Wheel, a blast of flames from the tip of the sword.
  • Quattro Squad Blaster (クワトロスクワットブラスター Kuwatoro Sukuwaddo Burasutā): Pressing the Ignition Switch for a long time and spin the Burning Wheel; Hiroyuki, Taiga, Titas, and Fuma combine their powers to unleash an extremely powerful beam from the tip of the Taiga Tri Blade. This move cannot be used without Hiroyuki present in the fusion.[2]
  • Rainbow Strium Burst (レインボーストリウムバースト Reinbō Sutoriumu Bāsuto): Taiga coats himself in a golden aura and fires an energy arc at the opponents.



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