"Come On!"

―Activation announcement

"*Transformation Jingle* Ultraman (Taiga/Titas/Fuma)!"

―Transformation announcement

"(Ultra's name)-let! Connect On!"

―Activation announcement for Bracelet Type Ultra Taiga Accessories

"(Kaiju/Alien name) Ring! Engage!"

―Activation announcement for Ring Type Ultra Taiga Accessories

"Earth! Shine!"

―Activation announcement for Taiga Photon-Earth Key Holder

"Tri-Squad-let! Connect On! Tri-Squad Miracle!"

―Activation announcement for Tri-Squad-let

"Plasma Zero-let! Connect On!"

―Activation announcement for Plasma Zero-let

"New Generation-let! Connect On!"

―Activation announcement for New Generation-let

The Taiga Spark (タイガスパーク Taiga Supāku) is the transformation item for Ultraman Taiga, Titas, and Fuma.


"We Ultramen turn into Astral Particles and that information is embedded in a key-shaped terminal. If the key is read into the Astral Particle Conversion System, we can fight within a certain period by borrowing the bodies of life forms with different quantum structures."

―Tregear describing his creation.

The Taiga Spark was built a long time ago by Ultraman Tregear, who was working under Ultraman Hikari after failing to join the Inter Galactic Defense Force. The item's main purpose is to reconstruct the Astral Particles of its Ultramen wearer to suit with the condition of a universe with different quantum structure. Further development of said device was put on hold after Hikari's resignation from his office.

He completed it using data on the "Power of bonds" given to him by his old friend Ultraman Taro. Tregear initially wanted to name it the Taro Spark (タロウスパーク Taro Supāku), but Taro wanted to name it for the next generation, giving it the name Taiga Spark which Tregear agreed to. Ultraman Taiga Novel: Tregear's Story/Blue Shadow It was given to Ultraman Taiga by Taro through his own Taro-let. Somehow, Titas and Fuma also acquired their own copies. These were used to capture the bracelets of the New Generation Heroes and several defeated monsters. Buddy Go!



  • Buddy Sphere (バディスフィア Badi Sufia)[1]: The spherical light-up part that scans the Ultra Taiga Accessories.
  • Buddy Crystal (バディクリスタル Badi Kurisutaru)[1]: Light-up part on the midsection, indicates that the Taiga Spark is working.
  • Ignition Lever (イグニッションレバー Igunisshon Rebā)[1]: Main action component, starts up the Taiga Spark.


Hiroyuki slides down the Ignition Lever, causing the Buddy Crystal to light up and activate the device, then takes a specific Key Holder and scans it at Buddy Sphere.

Once the hidden Ultra Energy is released, it can connect the bonds between humans and Ultraman. By reading the Ultra Taiga Accessories with the Taiga Spark, one can borrow the powers of heroes and monsters sealed inside.[2][3]


The Taro-let, an Ultra Taiga Accessory and the Taiga Spark's deactivated state.

  • Particle Reconstruction: The original purpose of the Taiga Spark is to reconstruct the Ultraman users' Astral Particle to operate in any universe they came across, provided that they bonded to a native of that dimension.
  • Finisher: The Taiga Spark is able to charge up energy for the finishers of the Tri-Squad.
  • Finisher Enhancement: An ability that enhances the Tri-Squad's respective finishers, accessed by scanning the Ultra Taiga Accessory (Bracelet Type). Hiroyuki's Inner Space changes into a respective past Ultra Warriors' rising background, and an image of the respective Ultra is briefly superimposed onto Taiga, Titas or Fuma, prior to firing the enhanced ray.
  • Kaiju Power Special Attack: An ability that gains special attacks from the power of Kaiju, accessed by scanning the Ultra Taiga Accessory (Ring Type).
  • Charged Attack: The Taiga Spark can charge up physical attacks.

  • Strium Blaster (ストリウムブラスター Sutoriumu Burasutā): Taiga's signature Ultra Beam, this attack is similar to his father's "T" style Strium Ray, but with mirrored arm position.
  • Aurum Strium (オーラムストリウム Ōramu Sutoriumu): Taiga's enhanced finisher beam, where he summons a golden aurora to charge up and fire a golden beam from the Taiga Spark. It is far more powerful than the Strium Blaster, as this beam was able to finish off Night Fang while an enhanced version of the prior, Aqua Blaster, failed to do any substantial damage to it. Aurum is Latin for "Gold".
  • Supreme Blaster (スプリームブラスター Supurīmu Burasutā): After scanning the Orb-let, Taiga's Strium Blaster is enhanced in light energy, increasing its destructive power.
  • Flame Blaster (フレイムブラスター Fureimu Burasutā): After scanning the Rosso-let, Taiga's Strium Blaster is enhanced in flame energy.
  • Aqua Blaster (アクアブラスター Akua Burasuta): After scanning the Blu-let, Taiga's Strium Blaster is enhanced in water energy. It can be used to put out fires by adjusting its power output.
  • Hell Slash (ヘルスラッシュ Heru Surasshu): After scanning the Hellberus Ring, Taiga unleashes two red crescent-shaped energy arcs.
  • Mons Beam Ray (モンスビームレイ Monsu Bīmu Rei): After scanning the Galactron Ring, Taiga shoots Galactron MK2's Galactron Geweer from his hand.
  • Seger Flame (セゲルフレイム Segeru Fureimu): After scanning the Segmeger Ring, Taiga fires Segmeger's poisonous flame from his palms.
  • Fang Wave (ファングウェイブ Fangu Ueibu): After scanning the Night Fang Ring, Taiga sends a barrage of sound waves to blast the opponent.
  • Delos Illusion (デロスイリュージョン Derosu Iryūjyon): After scanning the Gigadelos Ring, Taiga produces two clones of himself.
  • Thunder Spark (サンダースパーク Sanda Supāku): After scanning the Gorothunder Ring, Taiga generates electricity from his Ultra Horns and charges his arms before launching a fiery electrical beam.

  • Planium Buster (プラニウムバスター Puraniumu Basutā): Titas' finisher attack, where he forms an energy ball from the Taiga Spark, then launches it at the foe with his fist.
  • Wrecking Buster (レッキングバスター Rekkingu Basutā): After scanning the Geed-let, Titas' Planium Buster is enhanced in darkness energy.
  • Electro Buster (エレクトロバスター Erekutoro Basutā): After scanning the X-let, Titas' Planium Buster is enhanced in electrical energy. Unlike his other Planium Buster-based finishers, Titas fires it when he places his arms in an "X".
Charged Attack
  • Wise Man's Fist (ワイズマンズフィスト Waizu Manzu Fisuto): Titas' swinging punch attack that is usually accompanied by a green aura. Strong enough to shatter Galactron MK2's Galactron Veil and knock it back. The Taiga Spark is used occasionally to charge up this attack.

  • Polar-Star Light Wave Shuriken (極星光波手裏剣 Kyoku Sei Kō Ha Shuriken): Fuma's finisher attack, where he fires a giant energy shuriken.
  • Seven-Stars Light Wave Shuriken (七星光波手裏剣 Shichi Sei Kō Ha Shuriken): After scanning the Ginga-let, Fuma's Polar Star Light Wave Shuriken is enhanced in seven-colored light energy.
  • Sharp-Star Light Wave Shuriken (鋭星光波手裏剣 Ei Sei Kō Ha Shuriken): After scanning the Victory-let, Fuma fires a V-shaped arrowhead, capable of slicing an opponent in two. As used against Alien Babarue, it can also be used for a melee attack.
Charged Attack
  • Strike Smash (烈蹴撃ストライクスマッシュ Sutoraiku Sumasshu): An extremely fast, rotating kick charged from the Taiga Spark. This attack was the winning entry in Ultraman Festival 2019's move creation contest, and was used during the stage show event before making its way into the TV series.



  • The Spark's main mechanic of utilizing bracelets with the power of Ultras may be a homage to Taro's own King Bracelet.
  • Starting from episode 11 and onward, all of Hiroyuki's Ultra Taiga Accessory scanning scenes were slightly extended to show their data being read by the Taiga Spark.
  • Contrary to usual transformation items of most Ultra Warriors since Max Spark, the Taiga Spark is what inspired its namesake user Ultraman Taiga and predated the young warrior at some point before his birth.



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