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TSUBURAYA IMAGINATIONツブラヤイマジネーション (Tsuburaya Imajinēshon) is an online news and streaming service created by Tsuburaya Productions. It is a payed membership service that hosts a vast majority of the TV shows, movies, spin-off material, live events and literature like manga and comics created by the company, not just from the Ultraman Series, but the entirety of Tsuburaya's IPs. Additionally, certain events and series are available exclusively on the platform. The service was both announced and went live on March 17th, 2021.

Membership Plans[]

The service is divided into three main membership plans, each with differing price ranges:

  • Free members do not need to pay anything, however the amount of content they can view is very restricted, such as having not all of a given written article viewable, etc. Individual fees would have to be payed by the user should they wish to access a specific episode for example. These members cannot partake in live events and can only view them after they have concluded.
  • Standard members pay a monthly fee of 550¥ (including tax). With this, the user gains unlimited access to over 1200 episodes, reading materials and movies throughout the entirety of Ultraman history (however, non-Ultra Series shows and certain reading materials cannot be viewed). Members can also participate in live events and purchase some member exclusive items.
  • Premium members pay a yearly fee of 21,780¥ {including tax). This membership allows full unlimited access to every episode, reading material, movie and live event on the platform, even non-Ultra Series related. This membership features some exclusive purchasable items and live events as well, with additional access to a fast-track ticket purchase for all events.

Available Content[]

Symbol Meaning
(P) Indicates that this content is exclusive to Premium Membership users
(I.E.) Indicates this content as being an IMAGINATION service exclusive




Reading Materials[]

Live Events[]

  • Takaya's Room (I.E.)
  • Tomokazu Seki's ULTRA CLUB (I.E.)
  • Ultra Heroes EXPO 2021 Live Broadcast
  • Land of Light Museum: Ultraman VR Tour
  • Ul-Katsu Live (I.E.)



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