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Earth Peace Union TPC (Terrestrial Peaceable Consortium) (地球平和連合TPC, Chikyū Heiwa Rengō TPC) is an organization that was founded by Souichiro Sawai when he was the secretary general of the United Nations back in the 21st century.


TPC Dive Hangar internal

TPC is an international organization established with the primary objective of maintaining lasting peace on Earth and within the international community, while also safeguarding humanity from the threats posed by frequent occurrences of mysterious phenomena, monsters, and natural disasters. To achieve this goal, TPC's core mission revolves around a focus on technological development and innovation. It continuously conducts cutting-edge scientific research and drives technological advancements, all while actively seeking resource exploration beyond our planet to ensure the safety of Earth and the future of humanity.

As an international organization, TPC has established branches and scientific development centers around the world, engaging in long-term research activities in relevant fields. However, with changing times, particularly during moments of significant upheaval on Earth, TPC has gradually bolstered its military arm, evolving into a combat-capable military organization. Simultaneously, it has established multiple branches to address various challenges and emergencies that may arise in the future. To handle Paranormal, TPC has also formed several specialized teams and combat units.

Several years after its establishment, TPC has expanded its role in space exploration and peacekeeping. Its mission has also broadened to not only include the development of new frontiers in space but also emphasize the necessity of its role as a military organization. Multiple space bases have been established in Earth's orbit, planetary bodies within the solar system, and satellites. However, this increase in capabilities has led to criticism in public discourse, raising questions about whether TPC's military expansion aligns with its historical pursuit of peace.[1]



Souichiro Sawai TPC Founding

In the early 21st century, Souichiro Sawai achieved the realization of everlasting world peace through his visits to various countries and persuasion of governments to disarm.

In the early 21st century, then-United Nations Secretary-General Souichiro Sawai believed that, for the sake of humanity's future, nations worldwide should unequivocally abandon the use of force as a means to resolve disputes. Some scientists also endorsed Sawai's perspective, arguing that with the emergence of issues such as fluctuations in Earth's climate and extraterrestrial intelligent life, cross-border cooperation between nations became increasingly imperative. Despite the United Nations' resolution-based efforts towards nuclear disarmament during this period, an international defense force known as UNDF (地球防衛軍, Chikyū Bōeigun) was temporarily established in the year 2000.[2]

As uncertainties and apprehensions about unknown disasters and their consequences mount, nations are increasingly concerned about the state of international affairs. Sawai rejects the notion of achieving global unity through military force and contemplates a complete abandonment of armed forces. He presents a plan to restructure the United Nations into an international peacekeeping organization.

Souichiro Sawai TPC Founding 2

Amidst the turbulent international landscape, the plan to establish TPC was discussed with the involvement of the scientific community and governments from around the world.

The core functions of this organization will be assumed by the United Nations Scientific Committee, with the addition of institutions such as IEPF (国際環境保護連盟, Kokusai Kankyō Hogo Renmei), WUSRO (世界先端科学研究機構, Sekai Sendan Kagaku Kenkyū Kikō), NSDA (宇宙新開發事業团, Uchū Shinkaihatsu Jigyōdan), and others. After discussions at various heads of state meetings, the establishment of this peacekeeping organization was approved, and UNDF will be downsized and incorporated into the organization in the form of a Police Department.[2]

In 2004, under the theme "Towards a More Peaceful and Beautiful Planet Earth" (地球、より平和で美しい星に, Chikyū, yori heiwa de utsukushī hoshi ni), following the public release of the construction plan, the aforementioned organizations underwent complete consolidation. TPC was officially established in 2005, replacing its former status under the United Nations, and UNDF was subsequently dissolved.To the Southern Limit[2]

Ultraman Tiga Era

Dive Hangar Night

In 2005, Dive Hangar became the Far East headquarters of TPC after the dissolution of UNDF.

TPC took over the Dive Hangar located on the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, from UNDF, establishing it as the Far East Headquarters. In 2006, they successfully conducted the final entry tests for the newly formed unit, GUTS. Regularly, top-level meetings were convened at the International Conference Facility on Coreomeos Island.

In 2007, a series of events triggered by a meteorite impact on Earth led to significant changes in the situation. Kaiju disasters became increasingly frequent worldwide. With the appearance of Ultraman Tiga, TPC began focusing on the development of armed technologies centered around the modification of manned machinery to counter the threat posed by Kaiju.Stone of Legends

Operation Clitters Annihilation

Several batches of TPC troops died in Operation Clitters Annihilation.

In 2008, due to the frequent occurrence of Clitters' disasters in various countries, TPC's General Staff convened a meeting and decided to launch "Operation Clitters Annihilation." However, during this battle, a significant number of TPC forces tragically sacrificed themselves while confronting Jobarieh.One Vanishing Moment

In 2010, when the ultra-ancient ruins of R'lyeh surfaced in the waters near New Zealand, they unleashed dark forces that posed a global threat. Dive Hangar was attacked and damaged during this event. TPC actively engaged in battles against Gatanothor and his soldiers, ultimately succeeding in protecting the Earth with the assistance of Ultraman Tiga. Following the imminent disaster, peace was restored worldwide, and nations began the process of reconstruction.To the Shining Ones

However, one year after the disappearance of Ultraman Tiga, internal divisions arose within TPC regarding Earth's defense plans. Among them, the TPC Police Bureau initiated a secretive project called Project F under the guise of an investigative squad, with a mission to explore R'lyeh. Simultaneously, the concept of the "Neo Frontier Plan" (ネオフロンティア計画, Neo Frontier Keikaku), centered around space exploration, emerged as TPC's new slogan.[2]

TPC Tiga Era 12

TPC holds countermeasures meeting regarding the disappearance of R'lyeh investigation team.

In 2012, the R'lyeh investigation team attempted to transport three Giants of Darkness statues discovered on the island for potential use as new weapons. However, this plan ended in failure. When the seal on the Giants of Darkness was broken, leading to their resurrection, communication was lost between the investigation team and TPC. The General Staff convened an internal meeting and decided to dispatch GUTS to the incident site for a rescue mission and to carry out operations aimed at minimizing the damage within the smallest possible area. This incident came to be known as the R'lyeh Tragedy.

Following the conclusion of the event, all data related to Project F and records of Tiga's appearance were sealed by the Intelligence Bureau.Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

Ultraman Dyna Era

TPC mars 1

In the expansion of the Neo Frontier Plan, TPC established a base on Mars.

After the official implementation of the Neo Frontier Plan, efforts began to establish forward bases in space. The first phase involved the creation of a Mars colonization force and the construction of a large-scale weapons manufacturing facility on Coreomeos Island. Simultaneously, the organization underwent its first restructuring, expanding its organizational scope. During this period, Super GUTS was established to replace the disbanded GUTS.[2]

In 2017, TPC successfully completed the construction of the Marineris Mars base and officially launched the Mars atmospheric modification program. However, during this time, TPC had to further bolster its military capabilities due to attacks by Spheres and the emergence of a new giant, Ultraman Dyna.A New Light (Part 1)

Prometheus Hangar

Super GUTS members being introduced to the Prometheus.

In 2018, after years of development, the newly constructed space battleship Prometheus, manufactured on Coreomeos Island, was finally completed. However, it went out of control during the Alien Monera hijacking incident and used Neo Maxima to destroy half of Coreomeos Island's area. Subsequently, Prometheus was forcibly transformed into Deathfacer by a UFO. However, following the prevention of Alien Monera's human extinction plan, all development and usage of Neo Maxima were banned.Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light

Ultrmn Dn Rck Trrnd

Police Bureau secretly restarted Project F and created Terranoid.

Over the following two years, in the face of several increasingly dire disaster situations, Chief of Staff Kihachi secretly pushed for the redevelopment of the Project F at the Police Bureau's research institute on the Mars base. By May 2020, he, along with his squad, the Black Buster Corps, kidnapped a member of Super GUTS named Asuka and initiated the formal launch of Terranoid as part of the Project F.

However, when Sphere possessed Terranoid, it transformed into Zeluganoid and began to wreak havoc at the base. Witnessing Asuka's selfless protection of everyone, Kihachi had a change of heart and ultimately sacrificed himself to save Dyna.Final Chapter I: A New Shadow

Sphere Dyna 2

Gran-Sphere releases threat information to TPC.

Subsequently, Gran-Sphere initiated an absorption campaign, nearly consuming all the planets in the solar system. TPC's bases equipped Super GUTS' Clarkov NF-3000 with Neo Maxima cannons to aid in Dyna's battles. In the end, they successfully defeated Gran-Sphere through their combined efforts. However, Dyna disappeared into a wormhole formed by the gravitational collapse triggered by the impact, while the planets consumed by Gran-Sphere were restored to their original state.Final Chapter III: Toward Tomorrow...

In the 2020s and 2030s, TPC underwent a second round of restructuring. They not only established three Super GUTS branches across various locations in the solar system but also, in 2027, founded Neo Super GUTS on Earth.Ultraman Dyna: Zero Drive Towards Tomorrow[2]

Ultraman Saga

Mars base in 2035 1

Marineris Mars base in 2035

In 2035, the Marineris Mars base underwent significant expansion, and TPC's mecha received further development. To commemorate Asuka's sacrifice, the organization established a special memorial day to honor him contributions during the Gran-Sphere conflict.Ultraman Saga


Ultraman Tiga Era (2007-2012)

Dive Hangar

Souichiro Sawai

Souichiro Sawai

Main article: Souichiro Sawai

Inspector General Souichiro Sawai (サワイ・ソウイチロウ総監, Sawai Sōichirō Sōkan) is the head and founder of the TPC, and a strong advocate of GUTS. A pacifist at heart, but also a rationalist in the face of the dangers that threaten humanity.

He advocated the formation of TPC when he was the Secretary General of the United Nations back in the 20th century. He often participated in field operations and was also dedicated to contacting extraterrestrial life.

In Ultraman Dyna, due to his poor health, he temporarily retired from the front lines and entrusted the position of Inspector General to General Fukami, thus publicly acting as an honorary advisor.

Masayuki Nahara

Masayuki Nahara

Main article: Masayuki Nahara

Chief of Staff Officer Masayuki Nahara (ナハラ・マサユキ参謀, Nahara Masayuki Sanbō) is a gentleman of principle who avoids confrontation. He likes to put the breaks on reckless military buildups. Along with Munakata of GUTS, they transferred to the TPC West Asia Branch in Ultraman Dyna.

Tetsuji Yoshioka

Tetsuji Yoshioka

Main article: Tetsuji Yoshioka

Military Police Director General Tetsuji Yoshioka (ヨシオカ・テツジ警務局長官, Yoshioka Tetsuji Keimukyoku Chōkan) is responsible for the enforcement arm of TPC. A war hawk to the pacifist Sawai, as such they have been seen as rivals for the past twenty years but are actually friends. Using his experience as a former submariner, Tetsuji developed the Dolphar 202 which was used to rescue Sawai and other world leaders from Desimonia. He often disagrees with Nahara, but never acts irrationally. He likes to carry and use a traditional folding Japanese fan.

In Ultraman Dyna, as the position of Director General was abolished, he went to the South American and African branches as a Police Bureau advisor to provide guidance.

Mayumi Shinjoh

Mayumi Shinjoh

Main article: Mayumi Shinjoh

Mayumi Shinjoh (シンジョウ・マユミ, Shinjō Mayumi) is Shinjoh's nineteen-year-old little sister that worked as a nurse in the Dive Hangar. She had a biker boyfriend that died in episode 15, killed by Gazort. She joined the organization with the help of her older brother. She has amusing sibling arguments with him.

In Ultraman Dyna, she becomes the head nurse of the Medical Center.

Naban Yao

Naban Yao

Main article: Naban Yao

Professor Naban Yao (ヤオ・ナバン博士, Yao Naban Hakase) is the creator of the Maxima Overdrive, a matter-antimatter engine. A scientist at heart, he continued to pursue his dreams from his childhood. It took him twenty years to turn his dream of creating the greatest ship ever into a reality (in the form of the Artdessei).

In Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey, he was seen wearing glasses.

Reiko Kashimura

Reiko Kashimura

Main article: Reiko Kashimura

Professor Reiko Kashimura (カシムラ・レイコ博士, Kashimura Reiko Hakase) is the Director of the TPC Science Research Bureau, where she has conducted in-depth analyses of time capsules dating back approximately 30 million years.

Additionally, she holds the position of Head of the GUTS Mech Development Department and actively engages in the modification of GUTS Mechs to enhance their suitability for combat purposes.

Yuuji Tango

Yuuji Tango

Main article: Yuuji Tango

Professor Yuuji Tango (タンゴ・ユウジ博士, Tango Yūji Hakase) is an army scientist from TPC's Biochemistry division. He is small at heart but full of pride. He spends time analyzing the remains of the Tiga's companions statues. His insecurities eventually lead him to trouble and a fight with Horii. He was actually working for Keigo Masaki and in the end he surrendered to TPC, while also redeeming from his mistakes along with Masaki when they cooperated to revive Tiga in the final episode.

Defense Teams



Main article: GUTS (Global Unlimited Task Squad)

GUTS (Global Unlimited Task Squad) is a special organization established by the TPC to deal with supernatural phenomena.

Comprising a team of seven members, the squad underwent significant upgrades following a surge in monster disasters worldwide. These upgrades included strengthening mechas and other weaponry to enhance defense capabilities.

Blue Tornado Squad 01

Blue Tornado Squad

The Blue Tornado Squad (ブルートルネード小隊, Burū Torunēdo Shōtai) is an operational unit organized by the TPC America branch, with its main weaponry being the customized fighter jet "GUTS Wing Blue Tornado".

In episode 51, the squad engaged in a high-altitude pursuit of the Zoiger army in Los Angeles but failed to capture Zoiger and was subsequently decimated by Zoiger's counterattack.

In Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light, the squad served as the primary force tasked with intercepting Deathfacer, who appeared in the K3 region but was shot down during the attack.

Space Station Delta

TPC Tiga Era 7

Space Station Delta

Space Station Delta (宇宙ステーションデルタ, Uchū Sutēshon Deruta) is one of the three space stations owned by TPC. This space station features a distinctive triangular shape and is primarily dedicated to carrying out Earth defense missions and various space research tasks. Within this space station, there are 278 permanent staff members who are focused on executing a wide range of space missions.[3]

In order to ensure the safety of Earth, Space Station Delta is equipped with four powerful Valkyrie Cannons (バルキリー砲, Barukirī-hō). These weapons serve not only for self-defense but also for defensive missions, ensuring the security of the Valkyrie Cannon. In addition to its defense duties, the space station actively participates in various space research projects.

Omi Yanase 6
Main article: Omi Yanase

Technical Official Omi Yanase (ヤナセ・オミ技官, Yanase Omi Gikan) is Rena's father and the head of Station Delta. He is a divorced person, and Rena hates him due to not fulfilling her promise on her 9th birthday. But they are reconciled after he shows he loves his daughter when rescuing her from Alien Reguran. He gives Rena the lipstick that he was supposed to give her as a birthday gift, but it has melted though she is still amused with it.

Omi Yanase was played by Shigeru Araki, who was famous for playing as Shigeru Jo/Kamen Rider Stronger.



Technical Officer Shigeki Asamiya (アサミヤ・シゲキ技官, Asamiya Shigeki Gikan) is Yanase’s colleague and a worker of Station Delta. He has a habit of wearing sunglasses and was killed when Alien Reguran attacked. His funeral was held by Rena and his former partner, Omi.

Asamiya was played by Shuichi Ikeda.

Moon Base Garowa

TPC Tiga Era 8

Moon Base Garowa

Moon Base Garowa (月面基地ガロワ, Getsumen kichi garowa) is a cutting-edge outpost established by TPC on the moon, with the primary objective of supporting critical missions in space exploration and research. This base is under the leadership of Captain Hayate and is home to a garrison of 100 elite forces.

However, during the Menjura attack incident, the base suffered catastrophic destruction.

Shin Hayate

Shin Hayate

Main article: Shin Hayate

Captain Shin Hayate (ハヤテ・シン隊長, Hayate Shin Taichō) is a poker-faced captain of moon base Garowa, a master of kendo and also fluent in piloting GUTS Wing 2. Flees to Earth when Garowa is annihilated by monster Menjura. An old friend and senior of Captain Iruma, who sees him as a great senior figure. He reappeared in the last episode where he assisted GUTS on their mission to revive Ultraman Tiga.

Lieutenant Kishinaga


Kishinaga (キシナガ) is the vice-captain of the lunar base Garowa. He also survived when Menjura attacked the base.

Kishinaga is portrayed by Satoshi Furukawa (古河 聰, Furukawa Satoshi).



Okabe (オカベ, Okabe) is the last surviving member of the lunar base Garowa when Menjura attacked, he saved Hayate and Kishinaga. He is also a sharpshooter when comes into combat.

Okabe is portrayed by Shingo Yuki (悠木 真吾, Yūki Shingo).

Space Development Agency



Ezaki (エザキ, Ezaki) is the developer of the Defense System "DCS" of the Space Development Agency and the father of Michiru Ezaki. However, when two of his other members were driving the Jupiter 3 developed by themselves in Jupiter's orbit, they were attacked by Ligatron and possessed.

With the help of Tiga, he and the other team members were finally freed from Ligatron's body, and his soul turned into a light life body that surpassed human beings and left the Earth.

Ezaki is portrayed by Kimiyuki Araya (荒谷 公之, Araya Kimiyuki).



Ishigaki (石垣) is a captain of the spaceship "Jupiter 3" belonging to the Space Development Agency, but she was attacked by Ligatron and possessed.

With the help of Tiga, she and the other team members were finally freed from Ligatron's body, and the soul turned into a light life body that surpassed human beings and left the Earth.

Ishigaki is portrayed by Minako Igarashi (五十嵐 三南子, Igarashi Minako).



Tasaka (田坂) is a member of the spaceship "Jupiter 3" belonging to the Space Development Agency, but he was attacked by Ligatron and possessed. He has a wife and a son.

With the help of Tiga, he and the other team members were finally freed from Ligatron's body, and the soul turned into a light life body that surpassed human beings and left the Earth.

Tasaka is portrayed by Tsuneyuki Hasegawa (長谷川 恒之, Hasegawa Tsuneyuki).

Space Development Center

Ryosuke Sanada 1

Ryosuke Sanada

Main article: Ryosuke Sanada

Ryosuke Sanada (サナダ・リョウスケ, Sanada Ryōsuke) is a member of the Space Development Center, holding the position of head of the "Gifted Program Research Team." He is also a close college friend of Masami Horii.

In the past, he had entertained the idea of competing to join GUTS. However, due to factors such as his abilities and personality, he ultimately did not fulfill his wish. This disappointment left him with deep regrets. Because of his intense fixation on his goal, he decided to undergo the transplantation of Evolu Cells, which could enhance biological strength, into his own body.

Sayaka Ijuin 8

Sayaka Ijuin

Main article: Sayaka Ijuin

Sayaka Ijuin (イジュウイン・サヤカ, Ijūin Sayaka) is a former college acquaintance of Horii and Sanada. After experiencing the events involving Evolu, she decided to work at the Space Development Center in order to understand the cause and effect behind Sanada's past experimentation with Evolu cells.

Michiru Ezaki 7

Michiru Ezaki

Main article: Michiru Ezaki

Michiru Ezaki (エザキ・ミチル, Ezaki Michiru) is an employee at the Space Development Center and also the daughter of Dr. Ezaki.

Kiyoto Inui

Michiru Ezaki

Kiyoto Inui (イヌイ・キヨト, Inui Kiyoto) is the pilot of the Space Development Center's spacecraft, the Romulus. He holds the record for the farthest distance traveled by a human-driven spacecraft alongside Kinosaki. He was also a former classmate and close friend of Shinjoh from their training days.

During their return journey to Earth, Inui and Kinosaki came under attack by the Iludo and witnessed Kinosaki's transformation into an Iludo. After Shinjoh examined Inui's injuries, he discovered signs that Inui was also beginning to transform into an Iludo. Therefore, they adopted the slogan "pineapple bun," which was Kinosaki's favorite food when he was alive. If Inui couldn't answer with it, Inui would request Shinjoh to shoot him to prevent his transformation.

Eventually, he received a timely injection of the antidote to prevent assimilation and, carrying Kinosaki's wish, continued his interstellar journey alone.

Inui is portrayed by Tom Saeba.

Shin Kinosaki

Shin Kinosaki

Shin Kinosaki (キノサキ・シン, Kinosaki Shin) is the pilot of the Space Development Center's spacecraft, the Romulus. He holds the record for the farthest distance traveled by a human-driven spacecraft, alongside Inui. He was also a former classmate and close friend of Shinjoh from their training days.

During their return journey to Earth, he and Inui came under attack by the Iludo. Just before his consciousness was assimilated by the Iludo, Shin used a communication device to inform Shinjoh to shoot and kill his now Iludo-infected self, sacrificing his life. However, his body was later analyzed, leading to the development of an antidote to prevent assimilation, ultimately saving Inui's life.

In Ultraman Dyna, the tragedy that occurred to him was one of the key factors that motivated Shinjoh to become an astronaut.

Tasaka is portrayed by Shintaro Hayasaka (早坂 慎太郎, Hayasaka Shintarō).


Mizuno Takaji

Mizuno Takaji

Takaji Mizuno (ミズノ タカジ, Mizuno Takaji) was a meteorologist who participated in a TPC research team and also served as Horii's mentor. While conducting an investigation in the ionosphere with the research team, they were attacked and subsequently consumed and killed by Gazort. Second Contact

Takaji is portrayed by Shinya Kashima.

Director Miyazawa


Miyazawa (ミヤザワ) is the Director of TPC's Intelligence Bureau. He was previously responsible for monitoring the activity of Mount Kiri Volcano. When Mount Kiri erupted suddenly, he analyzed the abnormal movement of magma and determined that the cause of the volcanic eruption was Golza accumulating magma energy underground. Golza's Counterattack

Miyazawa is portrayed by Jun Takigawa (滝川 潤, Takigawa jun).

Tsutomo Nikaido

Tsutomo Nikaido

Tsutomo Nikaido (ニカイドウ・ツトム, Nikaido Tsutomo) is a regular staff of TPC who was briefly seen in episode 37. When all GUTS members save Daigo were held up by Alien Manon, he volunteered himself to become the operator when Daigo went out to save his friends. Flower

Nikaido is portrayed by Masasuke Hirose (廣瀬 昌亮, Hirose Masasuke).



Tatsumura (タツムラ, Tatsumura) is an elite staff member who was temporarily transferred from TPC's European branch to the Intelligence Bureau. He harbored mistrust towards the existence of Tiga and doubted the capabilities of GUTS.

In an attempt to gather necessary data for researching public reactions and trends following monster appearances, he resorted to extreme measures by deliberately fabricating monster intelligence, seeking to sow confusion among the populace. His goal was to enable GUTS to better respond to monster threats, but such actions went against the organization's principles.

Ultimately, he was discovered conducting intelligence manipulation experiments and was sent back to his original department by the higher-ups. The Mirage Monster

Tatsumura is portrayed by Tamotsu Ishibashi.



Kurita (クリタ) is a member of the TPC Science Bureau, and his research is centered on the exploration of dream corporealization related to cosmic ray effects. Through expert experiments and analysis, he has successfully unveiled the crucial principles of cosmic ray Morpheus D in the process of dream corporealization. Dream

Kurita is portrayed by Masami Horiuchi.



Nagumo (ナグモ) is the Deputy Chief of the TPC Police Bureau. He has an aggressive personality and used Tiga's disappearance as an excuse to strengthen TPC's military capabilities, demonstrating a willingness to make any sacrifices to achieve his goals. After executing Project F without authorization and causing significant damage, he was arrested.

Nagumo is portrayed by Hiroyuki Konishi.

The Saeki


Saeki (サエキ, Saeki) is the Captain of the Special Forces unit within the TPC Police Department. He is Reika Saeki's older brother. He is also one of the individuals responsible for overseeing the R'lyeh investigation as part of Project F under Nagumo's command. His primary duty is to safeguard the three Giants of Darkness stone statues discovered in R'lyeh.

However, he later fell victim to the Shibito-Zoigers, resulting in his body being possessed.

Saeki is portrayed by Ryu Kano (加納 竜, Kano Ryu).



Washizu (ワシズ) was a member of the TPC Police Department's regular unit and a colleague of Hibiki. When Golza appeared on Mount Kiri, he tragically lost his life while attempting to prevent Hibiki's reckless behavior by being struck by Golza's forehead heat ray.Captain Long-Legs

Washizu is portrayed by Teruo Kato (加藤 照男, Kato Teruo).

Tsutomu in ultraman tiga


Main article: Tsutomu Nakajima

Some time before his membership in Super GUTS, he becomes a scientist at TPC Far East headquarters analysis section.



Main article: Shin Asuka

Some time before his training in ZERO Squad and membership in Super GUTS, he works as a TPC maintenance crew as seen in Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey. When he passes Daigo, the Ultraman Dyna soundtrack can be heard.



Main article: Mitsukuni Shizuma

Mitsukuni Shizuma (シズマ ミツクニ, Shizuma Mitsukuni) was an intelligence officer working for TPC, and witnessed many times of Ultraman Tiga saving humanity, including the final battle against Gatanothor.

During an investigating mission in an area where unexplained mechanical problems occurred, his GUTS Wing malfunctioned and he fell into a time-space vortex, transporting him into another universe.

Judging by his words in episode 25, he was presumably a subordinary of Staff Iruma by that time.

Ultraman Dyna Era (2017-2020)

The former GUTS members later transferred to other branches within the TPC.


Kouki Fukami

Inspector General Fukami

Main article: Kouki Fukami

Inspector General Kouki Fukami (フカミ・コウキ総監, Fukami kōuki sōkan) is the successor of Inspector General Sawai, who retired due to his health condition.

Seiji Miyata

Chief of Staff Miyata

Main article: Seiji Miyata

Seiji Miyata (ミヤタ・セイジ, Miyata Seiji) is a person who is calm to act even during stressful situations. He is always seen accompanying Fukami.

Kihachi Gondou

Chief of Staff Gondou

Main article: Kihachi Gondou

Kihachi Gondou (ゴンドウ・キハチ, Gondō Kihachi) is an ambitious person. He is often sarcastic and acts in a radical behavior. He never trusted in Dyna as a rightful protector and was determined to create weapons that could replace Dyna, such as the Prometheus and the Terranoid. However, all of them backfired when they were taken over by their respective aliens.

After witnessing Asuka transform into Dyna and battled Neo Darambia II, he sent the Black Buster Corps to retrieve him in order to advance Project F, a project to artificially create Ultramen, to its next phase. However, when the Spheres took over the Terranoid and seeing Asuka selflessly protecting everyone, he had a change of heart and sacrificed himself to save Dyna/Asuka.

Saeko Shiina 3

Chief of Staff Shiina

Main article: Saeko Shiina

Saeko Shiina (シイナ・サエコ, Shiina Saeko) is Iruma's supervisor. She is the one who named the grey unidentified life form as Sphere. She also witness the former GUTS member, Super GUTS and Dyna battling Neo Geomos.

Megumi Iruma Dyna 5

Staff Iruma

Main article: Megumi Iruma

Former Captain of GUTS herself, Megumi Iruma (入麻 恵美イルマ メグミ, Iruma Megumi) had became the staff of TPC when the team dissolves. Iruma briefly returns to action in Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light, where she pilots a GUTS Wing upon witnessing the new Ultraman, Dyna, who died at the hand of Queen Monera, as she also witnesses the revival of Ultraman Tiga. She also assists Super GUTS when objecting to Gondo for relaunching Project F.

Defense Teams


Super GUTS

Main article: Super GUTS (Super Global Unlimited Task Squad)

Super GUTS (Super Global Unlimited Task Squad), abbreviated as S-GUTS, is a special investigative unit established by TPC as part of the Neo Frontier project, replacing GUTS. The team consists of seven members. Its mission is to respond to, investigate, and manage supernatural phenomena, mysterious events, and emergencies.

Black Buster Corps 30

Black Buster Corps

Main article: Black Buster Corps

The Black Buster Corps is a special operations unit under the TPC police department, with its main weaponry being the customized fighter jet "GUTS Shadow."

TPC Dyna Era 11

Crimson Dragon Squad

The Crimson Dragon Squad (クリムゾン・ドラゴン小隊, Kurimuzon Doragon Shōtai) is an operational unit stationed and organized at various TPC space stations across the universe, with its primary weaponry being the customized fighter jet "GUTS Wing Crimson Dragon".

The formation of this squad came about in response to the attack on the under-construction Pluto space station by Diolius, prompting TPC to enhance its defenses. In episode 41, a unit from the Space Station Omega participated in the countermeasure mission against Diolius, with all members of the squad being female.

Cosmo Attacker Squadron

Cosmo Attacker Squadron

The Cosmo Attacker Squadron (コスモアタッカー部隊, Kosumo Atakkā Butai) is a space unit of the operational forces organized by TPC to defend against threats from beyond the solar system. Initially based at the moon base Garowa, the squadron later stationed at the Ganymede Base after achieving the objective of eliminating external threats to the solar system and dealing with infiltrating aliens. The squadron's main weaponry is the "TPC Space Boat."

During the interception mission against Gran-Sphere, the squadron was ultimately engulfed by the immense gravitational field released by Gran-Sphere in Neptune's orbit, resulting in the total annihilation of the entire squadron.

The Cosmo Adventure Squad (コスモアドベンチャー隊, Kosumo Adobenchā Tai) is a space crime investigation unit that branched off from the Cosmo Attacker Squadron. It is led by former Garowa Base captain Shin Hayate.

Passion Red TPC

Passion Red Squad

The Passion Red Squad (パッションレッド小隊, Passhon Reddo Shōtai) is an operational unit organized by the TPC South America branch, with its main weaponry being the fighter jet "Passion Red."

In episode 10, two aircraft from this squad were shot down while pursuing Dexador. In episode 26, a total of eight aircraft were deployed to intercept the artificial sun NSP Campanella heading towards Antarctica. However, they were hit by the space monster Reicubas from the ground, resulting in the total annihilation of the entire squadron.

In the novel Ultraman Dyna: Zero Drive Towards Tomorrow, this squad is portrayed as a combat unit directly commanded by Gondou from the police bureau, with a person named Agata serving as the leader. Due to Gondou's calculations, the squad failed to deploy its main forces, resulting in the destruction of the deployed unit by Reicubas. The remaining squad members were transferred to the Black Buster Corps.

Kitty platoon uniform

Wing Kitty Girls Squad

The Wing Kitty Girls Squad (ウィング・キティガールズ小隊, Wingu Kitigāruzu Shōtai) is a female action squad led by Rena Yanase, with its main weaponry being the fighter jet "GUTS Wing 1".

This squadron only appears in Asuka's dreams, so there is no evidence to confirm the existence of this squad.

ZERO Training Squad

Training School ZERO (養成機関ZERO, Yōsei Kikan Zero) is a military training school for future cadets that will become members of TPC officers or Super GUTS members. The team made their appearance in Ultraman Dyna and chronologically first appeared in The Final Odyssey.



Main article: Masami Mishima

Masami Mishima (ミシナ・マサミ, Mishima Masami) is the current instructor in the series, who was a close friend of Kazama Asuka, Shin Asuka's father. Kazama's disappearances in the Zero Drive test greatly affect him and has a strained relationship with Asuka until the two reconciles when he Asuka performed the drive test in hopes of stopping a comet from colliding with TPC Moon Base.

He is portrayed by Edo Yamaguchi (エド 山口).

Takeru Fudo

Trainee Fudo

Main article: Takeru Fudo

Takeru Fudo (フドウ・タケル, Fudō Takeru) is Asuka's rival in the training school, as the two were known for having the same score in piloting. In the Super GUTS entrance exam, he was eliminated by Kohda but was shown participating in an attack against Giralen in episode 2. He died sometime later in an accident during a test drive, and in episode 39, he was revealed to have a younger brother named Kenji Fudo.

Future Research Center

Rui Kisaragi HD 1

Rui Kisaragi

Main article: Rui Kisaragi

Professor Rui Kisaragi (キサラギ・ルイ博士, Kisaragi Rui Hakase) is a member of the TPC Future Research Center and the Chief Development Officer responsible for the development and design of the battleship Prometheus.

Project Zero Drive

Project Zero Drive (ゼロドライブ計画, Zero Doraibu Keikaku) is a technological plan of TPC in an attempt to challenge the speed of light, leading to the construction of Plasma Type 100 and initial phase of testing in 2005; but with its disappearance as long as the testing piolet Kazuma Asuka, the entire plan was frozen, give ways for much safer Maxima Overdrive. However, with the missing Plasma Type 100's discovery near Pluto in 2018, the plan was restarted and successfully carried out by Super GUTS member Shin Asuka, the son of Kazuma.

The system continued to progress ever since, and by the year 2033, it had been upgraded to NEO Drive (NEOドライブ, Neo Doraibu), Super GUTS Mars' Deputy Captain Yumimura would pilot it for the 4th flight.

Daimon Ryuzo

Chief Daimon

Chief Ryuzo Daimon (ダイモン・リュウゾウ, Daimon Ryuzo) is the technical chief of Moon Base Garowa and the supervisor of Project Zero Drive.

As an old friend of Kazuma and the very person who informed the young Shin Asuka about the incident, he was deeply guilty of Kazuma's disappearance. When Asuka was appointed as the project's testing pilot under Mishima's recommendation, he did everything to discourage him from preventing his father's tragedy from reoccurring.

Daimon was portrayed by Isao Hashimoto (橋本 功, Hashimoto Isao).

Heisuke Tokugawa


Heisuke Tokugawa (トクガワ・ヘイスケ, Tokugawa Heisuke) is a senior maintenance of Plasma Type 100 and a subordinate of Chief Daimon.

He explained to Asuka why the craft lacks a security system and encouraged him to "tame it" after the first failed testing.

Heisuke was portrayed by Masayoshi Nogami (野上 正義, Nogami Masayoshi).

Kazuma Asuka 2

Kazuma Asuka

Main article: Kazuma Asuka

Kazuma Asuka (アスカ・カズマ, Asuka Kazuma) was a test pilot for the Plasma Type 100. In 2005, during an experimental test flight, he disappeared into a beam of light and was never seen again, earning him the title of "Legendary Pilot."

Biotechnology Institute



Main article: Otomo

Prof. Otomo (オオトモ博士, Otomo Hakase) is a member of the TPC Biotechnology Institute. He dreams of monsters making contributions to human society and has begun merging genetic factors from various monsters through cloning technology, attempting to create monsters capable of obeying human commands.

He conducted secret research on Neosaurus on an uninhabited island in the Zarina Zone.

Hiroyuki Yamazaki

Hiroyuki Yamazaki

Main article: Hiroyuki Yamazaki

Hiroyuki Yamazaki (ヤマザキ・ヒロユキ, Yamazaki Hiroyuki) is Otomo's assistant. He and Otomo conducted secret research on Neosaurus on an uninhabited island in the Zarina Zone.

Following this, in order to seek revenge against Super GUTS, who hindered their plans, he stole the Evolu Cells from the TPC's genetic engineering laboratory and fled to the Lockland Base in the asteroid belt.

Ocean Development Center



Prof. Egiri (エジリ博士, Egiri Hakase) is the chief of the Ocean Development Center and a marine geologist. He once led Super GUTS on a mission to investigate the causes of rising sea temperatures in Antarctica.

He has a somewhat impatient personality and often reprimands the Super GUTS team members for not following orders. However, when faced with an attack by Sufume, he reveals a lack of courage. After witnessing Super GUTS successfully thwart Sufume's plot, he reflects on his own shortcomings and acknowledges the team's capabilities.

Egiri was portrayed by Toshio Tomogane (友金 敏雄, Tomogane Toshio).



Harashima (ハラシマ) is the director of the Antarctic underwater base "Iceberg." After encountering an attack by Sufume, he became the sole survivor of the assault and managed to escape from the base.

Despite being discovered in a critical condition, on the verge of death, he was ultimately saved through his strong determination and the rescue mission conducted by Super GUTS. With the loving support of his wife and daughter Saori, he made a successful recovery.

Harashima was portrayed by Shimura Tomoyuki (志村 知幸, Tomoyuki Shimura).



Fujikura (フジクラ) was the designer of TPC's underwater research facility, Triton J2. He was also a close friend of Kohda. His dream was to become a submariner, but during his training period, he lost one of his legs in a rugby accident.

In the series, due to a sudden attack by Diplas on Triton J2, he and numerous other members inside the base tragically lost their lives as they couldn't evacuate in time.Dream Fortress

Fujikura was portrayed by Keiichi Wada (和田 圭市, Wada Keiichi).



Komiya (コミヤ) was a member of the Antarctica Subterranean Base "Iceberg" and served as a subordinate to Harashima. During the attack by Sufume, he tragically lost his life while trying to protect Harashima from the assaults by Digon and Sufume.The Clarkov Won't Surface! Part 1

Komiya was portrayed by Yukio Toyoi (豊泉 由樹緒, Toyoi Yukio).



Sawaki (サワキ) was a member of the Antarctica Subterranean Base "Iceberg" and served as a subordinate to Harashima. During the attack by Sufume, he tragically lost his life while trying to protect Harashima from the assaults by Digon and Sufume.The Clarkov Won't Surface! Part 1

Sawaki was portrayed by Kensuke Toyama (外山 謙介, Toyama Kensuke).

PWI Central Research



Hinoda (ヒノダ) is the director of the PWI Central Research Institute. He is a key figure in the joint development project 'Cosmo Net' promoted jointly by TPC and PWI.The Smile of Destruction: Part 1

Hinoda was portrayed by Nobuya Sato (佐藤 仁哉, Sato Nobuya).

Masami Horii Dyna 5

Masami Horii

Main article: Masami Horii

After the dissolution of GUTS, Masami Horii (堀井 政巳ホリイ・マサミ, Horii Masami) returned to his hometown Osaka with his family and became involved in the development and research project of Cosmo Net. Due to his family's involvement in the Neo Geomos incident, he temporarily resumed his identity as a member of GUTS and collaborated with Super GUTS.

Mars Program

Daigo Dyna 5

Daigo Madoka

Main article: Daigo Madoka

Following the events of The Final Odyssey, Daigo Madoka (円 大梧マドカ・ダイゴ, Madoka Daigo) and Rena live on Mars where their daughter, Hikari, is born.

When Asuka was exhausted from battling Zeluganoid, Daigo carried him to his house as he encouraged Asuka to fight Gran-Sphere. Though Asuka/Dyna was sucked into a wormhole, Daigo believes Asuka is still alive somewhere.

Rena Dyna 1

Rena Madoka

Main article: Rena Yanase

Following the events of The Final Odyssey, Rena Madoka (円 麗奈マドカ・レナ, Madoka Rena) and Daigo live on Mars where their daughter, Hikari, is born.

When Asuka was exhausted due to battling Zeluganoid, Daigo carried him to his house as Rena and Hikari nursed him back to health.


These three members are researchers from the Institute of Space Archaeology. They once conducted an exploration of ancient lunar ruins alongside Kariya but were unexpectedly attacked by Alien Nuaza Eshilis. The three of them were possessed by the souls of the Aliens who originally sealed Eshilis and intended to prevent Eshilis's revival. When the souls of the aliens departed, the three individuals also regained their original consciousness.The Supreme Ruler Who Sleeps on the Moon



Komatsu (コマツ) is the chief of the Biotechnology Department. He possesses a slightly sharp personality and served as the research team's commander during the investigation of the Taba Ryo Lake incident. When Maricula attacked the research team, he was fortunate to escape and received protection from Super GUTS.Vampire of the Lake

Komatsu was portrayed by Shun Ueda (うえだ 峻, Ueda Shun).

Tomida TPC


Tomida (トミタ) was a researcher in the Biotechnology Department and served as an assistant to Komatsu. He participated in the investigation conducted by the Taba Ryo Lake research team but tragically lost his life, along with other team members, during the attack by Maricula.Vampire of the Lake

Tomida was portrayed by Kazunari Aizawa (相澤 一成, Aizawa Kazunari).



Sou (ソウ, ) is the chief of the TPC West Asia Branch's Resource Development Team. In order to ensure the smooth execution of the development project, he resorted to extreme measures to eliminate Gigantes. However, behind this, he hoped to gain the approval of his secret crush, Rin.

To eliminate the Gigantes that posed a threat to the development project, he attempted to capture a female Gigante to lure out the male Gigante for extermination. However, his extreme actions angered Rin, and she ultimately knocked him out with a high kick. After the Gigantes were protected, he changed his mindset and decided to reform. After confessing his feelings to Rin, the two of them successfully came together.Simian Forest

Sou was portrayed by Kenji Azaki (亜崎 研二, Azaki Kenji).



Rin (リン) is an assistant in the TPC West Asia Branch's Resource Development Team. She is also Sou's university classmate and secret crush. She actively supported the preservation of Gigantes' habitat as part of the development project and wholeheartedly assisted Asuka in persuading Sou.

After successfully protecting the Gigantes' habitat, she responded to Sou's feelings, and their relationship developed further, moving towards the path of love.Simian Forest

Rin was portrayed by Suirei (翠玲).

Mukai TPC


Mukai (ムカイ) is in charge of the TPC Maintenance Team. In addition to aircraft maintenance, he is responsible for improving equipment and other engineering tasks. He is also an old friend of Hibiki's.Captain Long-Legs

Mukai was portrayed by Eiichi Kikuchi.

Mark Asakawa

Mark Asakawa

Mark Asakawa (マーク・浅川) is a researcher who developed artificial bacteria called "Ice Venus" with the aim of improving the atmosphere of Venus. He deployed the Ice Venus incubation device on Venus, but due to losing contact with the incubation device, he joined Super GUTS in an expedition to Venus for investigation.

When he learned that Ice Venus had transformed into Graikis, he was initially disheartened and contemplated giving up on his dream. However, with encouragement from Asuka, he regained his determination and resolved to persevere.The Snow of Venus

Asakawa was portrayed by Michael Tomioka.

Sayaka TPC


Sayaka (サヤカ) is a nurse working at the TPC Medical Center. She is under the supervision of Mayumi.

Sayaka was portrayed by Ayaka Tanaka.

Tetsuo Shinjoh dyna 1

Tetsuo Shinjoh

Main article: Tetsuo Shinjoh
After the dissolution of GUTS, Tetsuo Shinjoh (新城 哲生シンジョウ・テツオ, Shinjō Tetsuo) joined the Space Development Bureau as a pilot for Romulus III and participated in the Pluto exploration mission. Due to his involvement in the Neo Geomos incident, he temporarily resumed his status as a GUTS member and collaborated with Super GUTS.

Jun Yazumi Dyna 1

Jun Yazumi

Main article: Jun Yazumi

After the dissolution of GUTS, Jun Yazumi (矢住 潤ヤズミ・ジュン, Yazumi Jun) currently serves as the Program Director of the Comprehensive Computer Technology Agency at the Ganymede Base on Jupiter.

Ultraman Saga Era (2035)


Gousuke Hibiki

Main article: Gousuke Hibiki
Fifteen years later, Gousuke Hibiki (ヒビキ・ゴウスケ, Hibiki Gōsuke) assumed the position of director, becoming the third director of TPC.

Toshiyuki in saga

Toshiyuki Kohda

Main article: Toshiyuki Kohda

Fifteen years later, Toshiyuki Kohda (コウダ・トシユキ, Kōda Toshiyuki) was promoted to the position of Chief of Staff of the TPC Space Development Bureau, responsible for taking over the Mars base and other important departments within the solar system.

Ultraman Tiga Gaiden: Revival of the Ancient Giant (2038)

Hikari Madoka OV

Hikari Madoka

Main article: Hikari Madoka

Hikari Madoka (マドカ・ヒカリ, Hikari Madoka) is a TPC member. She is Tsubasa's older sister and the special guest for Tsubasa's graduation party. She is twenty-three years old.



TPC staff wear uniforms of specific colors according to their different positions, reflecting their status and responsibilities. Senior executives such as the Director and Chief of Staff typically wear uniforms in light purple, a color symbolizing their leadership roles and high-level responsibilities. On the other hand, Police Bureau officers and commanders wear uniforms in beige or gray. Scientists wear white uniforms, while general staff members typically wear beige uniforms. Combatants who assist in the field usually wear uniforms in red and blue.

In the uniform changes introduced during the Neo Frontier Plan, the Director wears a blue suit, and the Chief of Staff wears a green suit. However, other departments such as the Intelligence Bureau, ZERO, the Medical Bureau, and branch heads do not have standardized uniforms.

On the other hand, ordinary staff members have transitioned to wearing khaki-colored field uniforms, with infantry and security personnel further wearing tactical vests.


  • GUTS Hyper (TPC Public Type) (GUTSハイパー(TPC普及型), GUTS Haipā (TPC Fukyū-gata)): The exclusive GUTS Hyper equipped by TPC members, this weapon was also continuously used during the Neo Frontier period.
  • IMI Desert Eagle (IMI デザートイーグル, IMI Dezāto Īguru): Exclusive guns equipped by TPC Police Bureau members.
  • Colt Government (コルト ガバメント, Koruto Gabamento): Exclusive guns equipped by TPC Police Bureau members.
  • Maverick M88 (マーベリック M88, Māberikku M88): Firearms carried by members of the R'lyeh investigation team.
  • God Eyes (ゴッドアイズ, Goddo Aizu): The airborne floating probe device installed on the Finch, capable of transmitting information via satellites.
  • DCS: A Defense Control System. It emits an electrical field from a fixed array of antennas and was once used to protect high-purity energy reserve bases for the Space Development Agency.
  • Infrared Automatic Landmine (赤外線式自動地雷, Kakugaisen-shiki Jidō Jirai): A composite automatic mine system that automatically initiates attacks when monsters begin their activities.
  • Pursuit-Type Drill Beam (追従式ドリルビーム, Tsuizō-shiki Doriru Bīmu): A specialized beam emitter located at Kirimon Peak, capable of attacking high-level underground lurking monsters.
  • Space Power Station Helio (宇宙発電所へリオ, Uchū Hatsudenjo Herio)[4]: A power station that functions by absorbing sunlight into special waves that charged its power to nearby stations.
  • Cosmo Net (コスモネット, Kosumonetto): A large interstellar network jointly operated by TPC Science Bureau and the private enterprise PWI. It consists of multiple artificial satellites positioned in the orbits of planets and moons such as Earth, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, and others. It is used for monitoring the status of spacecraft during their journeys.


Ultraman Tiga Era
  • Executive Transport Aircraft TPC1 (幹部用輸送機TPC1, Kanbu-yō Yusō-ki Tī Pī Shī Wan)[3]: A business jet-like VTOL used by TPC board members and leaders.
  • Multi-Purpose Aircraft (多目的機, Tamokuteki-ki)[3]: These aircraft are utilized to transport TPC personnel and various equipment to incident sites and TPC branches in different countries. They serve multiple purposes, including patrol and on-site reconnaissance. They can be classified into two types based on their color, blue and white.
  • Transport Aircraft (輸送機, Yusō-ki)[3]: High-speed transport aircraft are employed to shuttle large-scale equipment, supplies, and a significant number of personnel between the headquarters and various branches to reach incident sites.
  • Jupiter 3 (ジュピター3号, Jupitā Sangō)[3]: An exploration shuttle that was used to explore Jupiter. The shuttle and its crew were assimilated into a Kaiju called Ligatron.
  • Finch (フィンチ, Finchi): A medium-sized exploration seaplane used by TPC, equipped with radar on its upper body. This aircraft was destroyed during ionospheric research.
  • Orbiter (オービター, Ōbitā)[3]: A connecting shuttle from Earth to Space Station Delta.
  • TPC Medium Tank (TPC中型戦車, Tī Pī Shī Chūgata Sensha)[3]: TPC's main battle tank.
  • GUTS Wing Crimson Dragon: A custom-built firepower-type GUTS Wing 1 designed by the European branch of the TPC. Its firepower exceeds that of the GUTS Wing 1 and is still used during the Neo Frontier Era.
  • GUTS Wing Blue Tornado: A custom-built speed-type GUTS Wing 1 designed by the American branch of the TPC. Although its speed exceeds that of the GUTS Wing 1, its weapons are less effective. It is still used during the Neo Frontier Era.
  • Magnus 1 and Gravas 2: A pair of tanks that appeared in episode 36.
  • Romulus (ロムルス号, Romurusu-gō)[3]: A spacecraft made for the TPC Space Development Center.
  • Flying Boat Garowa: VTOL spacecraft deployed by the TPC Lunar Base Garowa.
  • Ryugu (りゅうぐう, Ryūgū)[3]: A submarine used by the TPC to inspect the remains of ancient civilizations in New Zealand but was destroyed by a Zoiger.
  • Kairei (かいれい, Kairei): A massive ocean research vessel used to transport TPC investigation teams to R'lyeh.
  • TPC Truck (TPCトラック, TPC Torakku): Vehicles used for transporting a large quantity of equipment on land routes.
  • Special Operations Vehicle (特殊作業車, Tokushu Sagyōsha): Vehicles employed at monster disaster sites.
  • TPC 4WD: Highly versatile four-wheel drive vehicles utilized as mobile command vehicles for general team members and Police Bureau personnel.
Ultraman Dyna Era
  • TPC4WD: A standard jeep used by Ryo to search for Asuka in episode 2. It is also widely used by Military Police officers.
  • TPC Glider (TPCグライダー, Tī Pī Shī Guraidā)[4]: A standard glider piloted by Kohda when GUTS mecha were incapable of approaching Bazob due to its electromagnetic field, which disrupted their electronics.
  • TPC Medium Tank (TPC中型戦車, Tī Pī Shī Chūgata Sensha)[4]: TPC's main battle tank. A variant with a radar dome also exists.
  • TPC Armored Tank (TPC装甲戦車, Tī Pī Shī Sōkō Sensha)[4]: A combat tank that trades firepower for more armor. It is armed with a flamethrower.
  • Passion Red: Aircraft developed by South American branch of TPC.
  • Plasma Type 100: A test drive aircraft boarded by Kazama Asuka in testing the Zero Drive flight navigation.
  • Snow White Modified: A remodeled version of the Maxima Overdrive test machine Snow White with silver plating in place of white.
  • Lovemos: An exploration robot under the codename "TM-39" which gained quite a huge popularity.
  • Solvern Landing Craft (ソルビーノ着陸船, Sorubīno Chakuriku-sen): Carrying the Lovemos Saturn probe spacecraft.
  • Romulus III (ロムルス三世号, Romurusu Sansei-gō): A Pluto probe spacecraft used for collecting samples of Pluto's minerals.
  • Gazelle (ガゼル号, Gazeru-gō)[4]: A passenger spaceship which was used to ferry the Jupiter-born children to Earth. In episode 41, it was attacked by Diolius and partially made into the Kaiju's nest. The ship and its crew were saved via their cooperation with the Super GUTS.
  • Defense Satellite Unicorn (防衛衛星ユニコーン, Bōei Eisei Yunikōn): A laser satellite suspended in Earth's final defense line orbit, equipped with a parabolic beam cannon.
  • NSP Campanella[4]: A satellite which functions by capturing sunlight and radiating the neighboring planets.
  • Prometheus[4]: A large unmanned battleship developed by Dr. Kisaragi, who was under the Monera aliens' control. It is armed with the Neo Maxima Cannon and large caliber autocannons mounted in twin and multi-barrel turrets. It was taken over and transformed by the Monera, but was eventually destroyed by Ultraman Dyna.
  • Space Boat (スペースボート, Supēsu Bōto): A multipurpose space transport vehicle. Used prominently during space development projects.
  • Mars Orbital Station (火星軌道上ステーション, Kasei Kidō-jō Sutēshon): A space station with a shuttle bay orbiting Mars. It was once a symbol of the Neo Frontier Era until it was destroyed by the Sphere.
  • TPC Spacecraft (TPC宇宙艇, TPC Uchū-teki): Widely used during the old TPC era, extensively improved for combat in locations like Mars Base, Space Assault Team, and the Moon.
  • Mars Fleet Cruiser[4]: A large space warship that guards Mars from outside threats. It is armed with four triple beam guns and multiple small and large caliber energy guns. Two were sent to intercept the Reguran planet bomb but were destroyed along with it. Their actual existence is unknown as the events are only part of Asuka's dream.
  • Mountain Gulliver 5[4]: A giant manned humanoid mecha developed in Mars. It was used to wield the Spacium Cannon. It only appeared in Asuka's dream and thus its actual existence is unknown.
  • Mars Shuttle (火星シャトル, Kasei Shatoru): The rocket component for the Shuttle. The component separates from the Shuttle once it reaches orbit. Its actual existence is unknown as it only appeared in Asuka's dream.
  • Shuttle (シャトル, Shatoru): A spacecraft launched atop the rocket component, with a similar appearance to the Orbiter. Its actual existence is unknown as it only appeared in Asuka's dream.
  • Generator Vehicle (ジェネレーター車, Jenerētā-sha): A power generator vehicle used to provide a large amount of electrical energy supply for the Neo Drill Beam.
  • Terai Type Heat Ray Cannon Vehicle (テライ式熱線砲車, Terai-shiki Nessen Hōsha-sha): A vehicle specifically developed to combat monsters, the armored truck's body is equipped with a large heat ray cannon.
  • Ground Vehicle (地上車両, Chijō Sharyō): Various multipurpose vehicles such as 4WDs, trucks, regular passenger cars, jeeps, Humvees, and construction vehicles.
  • Multi-Vehicle (マルチビークル, Maruchi Bīkuru): Multi-purpose vehicles used by members of ZERO. Although a prop was built, it was not used in the show.
  • PWI Car (PWI専用車, PWI Sen'yō-sha): Dedicated vehicles for the PWI Central Research Institute in the CosmoNet program.


Ultraman Tiga

Ultraman Dyna

Ultraman Saga


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