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TECCH Booster (テックブースター Tekku Būsutā) is a fighter jet created by Dr. Kensaku of SRC space developement division.


This jet usually used by the Team EYES on space. Though TECCH Spinnar jets can fly to space, but the TECCH Booster itself provens more efficient in space exploration and space combat. TECCH Booster equipped with three cargos, one front red part and two rear blue parts, which fit for nine pilots. The jet's debut in episode 21, where they used to rescue an astronaut that landed on Planet Juran. In episode 64, when Cosmos was in for a final battle against Chaos Ultraman Calamity, Hiura loaded the two cargo on its back with Chimera enzymes to destroy Chaos Header once and for all though the fiend had grew stronger than they thought.


  • Techno Plasma Kinetic-System: A system used for ultra-high-speed space navigation in order to fly to any distance in a 10 million km/h.
  • Large Manipulator Robotic Arm: The shuttle-like jet has a robotic arm for grapping.
  • Directory Beam: Laser Beam
  • Multi-Purpose Gun: Machine gun used to fire a variety of special bullets.
  • Mirrors Shield
  • Ground Artillery
  • Chimera Missile: TECCH Booster can fire missiles that loaded with SOAAG minerals to destroy Chaos Header entities.
  • Cargo Launch: In a last resort attack, TECCH Booster can launch to rear cargos from it's back. However, this can only be done when the rear cargos are vacant.