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The Terrible-monster Attacking Crewテリブルモンスターアタッキングクルー (超獣攻撃隊 Teriburu Monsutā Atakkingu Kurū, Chōjū Kōgeki-tai), abbreviated as TACティーエーシー (タック Tī Ē Shī, Takku)[1], was the Earth defense organization during Ultraman Ace's time on Earth. They suddenly made themselves known to the public when the Terrible-Monster Verokron appeared. Their main HQ is based in New York City, and several subordinate headquarters are located in the South Pacific, based in Europe, Africa, and the Far East (Japan). They are always scanning for Terrible-Monster activity with radar, and study day and night to create weapons and tactics to repel the Terrible-Monsters. The number of weapons that were developed by TAC was made to be the best, the kill count of Terrible-Monsters and space beasts boasts performance equivalent to that of UG and ZAT. In addition, TAC's weapons have been able to give a large amount of damage to a few of the Terrible-Monsters, that allowed Ultraman Ace to achieve victory. In the 10th episode it was mentioned that they used a publication from MAT's files, thereby suggesting an association with the previous attack team MAT.


TAC Logo

The squad that helps Ultraman Ace is TAC (Terrible-monster Attacking Crew), which was formed by Captain Goro Ryuh. Members of the crew were Ichiroh Yamanaka, Tsutomu Konor, Kohzoh Yoshimura, Seiji Hokuto, Yuko Minami, and Noriko Mikawa. They have access to all documented Kaiju attacks from the past defense teams and usually use these to assist them in their battles.


Ultraman Ace

The 5 Ultra Brothers arrive at the Earth together in episode 1 when the two humans were revived. Ultraman Ace gives them the ring and merged with their bodies. Both soon join the defense team in fighting off the new era of monsters.


Far Eastern Base's location

The Far Eastern Branch Base (極東支部基地 Kyokutō Shibu Kichi) is in Yamanashi Prefecture in between Aokigahara and Fuji Five Lakes. The base's facilities are cleverly camouflaged by using the terrain and natural ostensibly, while the entrance is disguised as the weather station.

The main command room is located underground (bathroom facilities are also directly connected to the main room), it includes a library of ancient literature references, various laboratories, a shooting training field, the central atom power chamber, the hangar of large hand made missiles. A Terrible-Monster radar, a variety of welfare facility buildings, a general conference building, and a research building all exist on the ground-level portion of the base.

In addition, for protection against Terrible-Monster attacks, the base has been enhanced with defenses of the very best equipment, such as a large-scale field gun, and 4-twin and 16-twin rocket launchers. In spite of its top defenses, Terrible-Monster and aggressive space-aliens have managed to compromise its security, leading the base's front grounds to become a battleground between the invaders and Ultraman Ace.


Main Team

Goro Ryu.png
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Goro Ryu: The 35-year-old Captain of the TAC Far East Branch. Goro always try to capture things from a scientific point of view with calm deposition.

Ultrmn ace Seiji.png
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Seiji Hokuto: Human host of Ultraman Ace. He trusts Yuko Minami more to deal with Terrible-Monster threats. He along with Yuko are suspended from TAC during Vakishim's reign.

Minami 4.jpg
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Yuko Minami: Was the human host of Ultraman Ace. She trusts Seiji Hokuto more to deal with Terrible-Monster threats. She along with Seiji are suspended from TAC during Vakishim's reign. She leaves TAC in episode 29 so she could go to the moon.


Ichiro Yamanaka: The sharpshooter of TAC, dual wielded TAC Guns with pin point accuracy. His fiancee Maya Takashina is killed by Alien Metron Jr.


Tsutomu Konor: A rocket enginner and former policeman. In episode 15, Konor goes on vacation to see his niece. During the vacation King Crab appears.


Kozo Yoshimura: Described as a walking encyclopedia on space aliens and other life forms. In episode 16, he goes on vacation to meet his family and meets a friend who is then mutated by Yapool into Cowra.

Mikawa Noriko.png
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Noriko Mikawa: TBA

Other Staff

Kaji Yoichi

Kaji Yoichi (episodes 1 - 3, 5 - 14, 16 - 27, 31): A scientist working for TAC. He is a experienced weapon designer and knows intel on Terrible-Monsters.

Takakura (episode 14): Commander of the TAC South Pacific Headquarters. Sends Hokuto to bomb Planet Golgotha where the Ultra Brothers are. Goro Ryu and the rest of TAC beat up Takakura after Hokuto's plane won't detach the missile to destroy Golgotha.

Maya Takashina.png
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Maya Takashina (episodes 7, 8): The fiancee of Yamanaka.



Standard TAC uniform

  • TAC Uniform: TAC uniforms are durable and offer heat and cold protection.
  • TAC Helmet (TACヘルメット Takku Herumetto): It has a built in communication device, the captain's has black stripes. It is the only helmet in the Showa era not to have a visor.


  • TAC Gun (タックガン Takku Gan): Standard equipment of all the TAC members. The guns cartridges can be between light fire, compressed air, and explosive bullets.


TAC Falcon (タックファルコン Takku Farukon): A large fighter attack aircraft that serves as a mobile command center on the scene. It is also known as Super Large Aircraft Carrier (超大型空中母艦 Chō Ogata Kūchū Bokan).

  • Length: 210 m
  • Width: 103.5 m
  • Weight: 50,000 t
  • Max Speed: Mach 6.6
  • Crew: 6

TAC Arrow (タックアロー Takku Arō): TAC's flagship single-seat combat attack aircraft.

  • Length: 18 m
  • Width: 14.5 m
  • Weight: 20 t
  • Max Speed: Mach 7.7
  • Crew: 1

TAC Space (タックスペース Takku Supēsu): Double seat space ultra-high speed fighter attack aircraft.

  • Length: 15 m
  • Width: 14.5 m
  • Weight: 15 t
  • Max Speed: Mach 8.8
  • Crew: 2



  • In the 28th episode of Ultraman Ace, Yuko left TAC, followed by Seiji in the final episode.
  • The future Mebius weapon, Silver Shark G, can be seen in development in episode 39.


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