Suzumi Toba (鳥羽スズミ Toba Suzumi) is one the minor characters in Ultraman Geed. She was the deceased mother of Laiha Toba.


Pre-Ultraman Geed

19 years prior to the series, when Laiha's life begin to ebb away in her womb. Suzumi and Danji prayers for Laiha to be healthy reached Ultraman King, which allows the Ultra to restore Laiha to full health and developing the symptoms of a Little Star. Suzumi and her husband will live a normal life with Laiha until a deadly encounter that will greatly change Laiha's life.

6 years ago, Suzumi and her husband was killed when they sacrified their life to save Laiha from a rampaging Skull Gomora, whom was transformed by Kei Fukuide while hiking.

Ultraman Geed

Suzumi and her husband was seen in several episodes of the series in Laiha's flashback.


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