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―Super GUTS' main catchphrase when receiving orders.

Super GUTS (Super Global Unlimited Task Squad)[1] (スーパーGUTS, Sūpā Gattsu), or shortened as S-GUTS, is the human task force in Ultraman Dyna, succeeding its predecessor team, GUTS in Ultraman Tiga.[2]


Logo of Super GUTS

Super GUTS is a special investigative unit that TPC established as part of the Neo Frontier Project to expand its capabilities. The team consists of seven members and is tasked with responding to, investigating, and managing supernatural phenomena, mysterious events, and emergencies. Compared to the previous GUTS, Super GUTS has undergone strengthening and restructuring, primarily focusing on combat operations.

In the face of various threats from Kaiju and extraterrestrial invaders, Super GUTS is equipped with a range of the most advanced combat gear within TPC, possessing formidable military power. Furthermore, their operational scope extends beyond Earth, even reaching into the solar system.

Members of Super GUTS undergo rigorous training and selection to ensure they have the abilities to handle various crises and abnormal events. However, despite this, it seems their salaries are somewhat low.


Ultraman Dyna

In 2013, with the implementation of the Neo Frontier Project and in preparation for future peacekeeping challenges, TPC decided to strengthen its military capabilities. Building upon the existing GUTS restructuring plan, they proposed a plan to create a new GUTS organization with trainees from the ZERO training institution as its core. As the organization continued to expand, Super GUTS was formally established in 2014.

Super GUTS 01 01

Super GUTS witness the appearance of Ultraman Dyna on Mars.

In 2017, Super GUTS conducted its first round of member selection, with Shin Asuka, a trainee from the ZERO training institution, becoming a new member of the team. However, when they learned of the appearance of Darambia generated by Spheres on the Mars base, Super GUTS embarked on a life-or-death battle against the Spheres on Mars. Just as the battle reached a standstill, a new Giant of Light appeared and successfully defeated Darambia. Following internal debates within Super GUTS, this warrior was named Ultraman Dyna.A New Light (Part 1)

Subsequently, Super GUTS conducted multiple investigative and combat missions worldwide, during which they discovered a small creature on Planet Merani, which they named Hanejiro, and brought it back to Earth, where it became the team's mascot.

Super GUTS Dyna 21

Super GUTS witnessed Ultraman Dyna/Asuka getting sucked into a wormhole and disappearing.

In 2020, the appearance of the planet-sized Gran-Sphere led to the sequential consumption of various planets, space stations, and TPC space bases within the solar system. In response to this massive threat, Super GUTS reactivated the Neo Maxima Cannon and unsealed it. Super GUTS, in collaboration with Dyna, managed to defeat Gran-Sphere. However, when Gran-Sphere was eliminated, it triggered a gravitational field that formed a wormhole, swallowing Dyna and rendering its whereabouts unknown. The planets consumed by Gran-Sphere also returned to their original state shortly thereafter.Final Chapter III: Toward Tomorrow...

Ultraman Dyna: Zero Drive Towards Tomorrow

In the second year following Asuka's disappearance in the alternate timeline, TPC underwent a significant internal restructuring. The majority of Super GUTS members relocated to Mars, becoming initial members of the new team known as Super GUTS Mars (スーパーGUTSマーズ, Sūpā Gattsu Māzu).

In addition to the Mars team, due to the increased necessity for risk management, TPC established two additional teams at bases on Ganymede and Titan, named Super GUTS Jupiter (スーパーGUTSジュピター, Sūpā Gattsu Jupitā) and Super GUTS Saturn (スーパーGUTSサターン, Sūpā Gattsu Satān), respectively.

On Earth, to replace the original Super GUTS, Neo Super GUTS was established in the year 2027.Ultraman Dyna: Zero Drive Towards Tomorrow

Ultraman Saga


Members of Super GUTS Mars.

In 2035, some members of Super GUTS Mars were promoted to higher ranks and worked at the larger Mars base. Among them, the new member, Nozomu Taiga, joined this team based on ZERO's recommendation.

However, on the 15th anniversary of Asuka's disappearance, the Spheres suddenly appeared and attacked the base. During this battle, Taiga and other Spheres were transported to a different parallel universe by Alien Bat, and he lost contact with Super GUTS Mars.

In the end, when Asuka briefly returned to his own universe, he contacted the Super GUTS Mars members and informed them that Taiga was still alive.Ultraman Saga



Super GUTS Base


The Grandome (グランドーム, Gurandōmu) is the base of Super GUTS. It is a tall tower with a disk center and is operated by TPC personnel. The giant disk can open apart and reveal the launch bay of the GUTS Eagle.

Aside from just housing Super GUTS' main mechas, it also contains GUTS' old Ride Mechas, as revealed in episode 32 when TPC's possessed-exploratory robot Lovemos assimilated with every of their Ride Mechas into Satan Lovemos.

Clarkov NF-3000

Kraakov NF-3000

Clarkov NF-3000

The Clarkov NF-3000 (クラーコフNF-3000, Kurākofu NF-3000) is a large mobile base that Super GUTS and other TPC personnel use for missions and research. The base was used as the final defense system for humanity against the threat of Gran-Sphere.



Gousuke Hibiki

Gousuke Hibiki

Main article: Gousuke Hibiki

Gousuke Hibiki (ヒビキ・ゴウスケ, Hibiki Gōsuke): The team captain. He is loud and boisterous, often joking with his subordinates and shouting orders. At the same time, however, he is a caring leader with a good heart and good intentions for Super GUTS. His daughter, Sonoka is a member of the Roller Kids, a team of troublesome rollerskating teenagers. In Ultraman Saga, he had been promoted to the Inspector General of TPC and can be seen in the hologram of the Mars Base where he honors the 15th Anniversary of Asuka's sacrifice.

Toshiyuki Kohda

Toshiyuki Kohda

Main article: Toshiyuki Kohda

Toshiyuki Kohda (コウダ・トシユキ, Kōda Toshiyuki): The level-headed, right-hand man to Captain Hibiki who is officially promoted to Deputy Captain in episode 34. He is always seen to be calm and dutiful - though can be hot-headed at times. During his time as a cadet, Kohda looked up to GUTS Deputy Captain Munakata. In Ultraman Saga, he had been promoted to Chief of Staff of the TPC Space Development Agency.

Ryo Yumimura

Ryo Yumimura

Main article: Ryo Yumimura

Ryo Yumimura (ユミムラ・リョウ, Yumimura Ryō): A tomboyish ace pilot of Super GUTS, who has a short temper and often yells at Asuka for his goofball antics and recklessness, given that she had once becoming the ZERO Squad instructor as she met Asuka before as a student. They have a pilot rivalry going on. However, deep down inside she likes the guy, which becomes quite clear toward the end. She also plays a big sister role for the less experienced Mai. Ryo is slightly cross-eyed, which adds to her charm.. She is always seen wearing sunglasses each time while piloting the GUTS Eagle. During episode 22, Ryo witnessed her old friend, Ayano, being preyed upon by the human-sized Mozui. This caused Ryo to develop a phobia of the monster. Ryo had to overcome this fear in order to help defeat Mozui. In Ultraman Saga, she had been promoted to the Captain of Super GUTS.

Mai Midorikawa

Mai Midorikawa

Main article: Mai Midorikawa

Mai Midorikawa (ミドリカワ・マイ, Midorikawa Mai): A cute, bubbly, loud cadet-type with little combat experience. Mai is also nicknamed Dyna's "godmother" for naming the Ultra. She mostly serves as the communication person, but she has multiple crushes (baseball players, cute exploratory robots, bike racers, etc.), gets peoples' attention by saying 'neh-neh-neh,' and has the amazing ability to hide multiple items behind her back, only to whip them out in rapid succession. She is rarely seen without that ability when she goes on a mission. In Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light, she was put into coma after Deathfacer, making Asuka loses his will to fight the robot until he was encouraged by Hibiki and Iruma. In Ultraman Saga, Mai was appointed an instructor of training school ZERO.

Tsutomu Nakajima

Tsutomu Nakajima

Main article: Tsutomu Nakajima

Tsutomu Nakajima (ナカジマ・ツトム, Nakajima Tsutomu): The pudgy technician and researcher of the Super GUTS team, who often becomes panicked or overly serious. He is also often very sarcastic and enjoys eating fried chicken. During his youth, Nakajima's family was very poor due to his neglectful father. This caused him to develop a disdain towards the man, which would also motivate him to become a scientist who was respected by everyone. However, deep down, he still respects his father. Nakajima resembles Horii from the original GUTS. In Ultraman Saga, he had been promoted to the Chief Scientific Officer of Super GUTS.

Kouhei Kariya

Kouhei Kariya

Main article: Kouhei Kariya

Kouhei Kariya (カリヤ・コウヘイ, Kariya Kōhei): The sharpshooter of Super GUTS who is also an expert in archaeology. He is very much concerned with the protection of the natural world as seen with his reluctance to kill the kaiju Sodom or Gigantes. Kariya is often seen drinking out of his metal cup. On one occasion, he was possessed by the Alien Nuaza Eshilis. In Ultraman Saga, he had been promoted to the Deputy Captain of Super GUTS.

Shin Asuka GUTS

Shin Asuka

Main article: Shin Asuka

Shin Asuka (アスカ・シン, Asuka Shin): Ultraman Dyna's human host. He is light-hearted overall, and is one of the rare Ultra human hosts who also serves as the comic relief of the show. Asuka often whines and pouts immaturely, and sometimes pretends that he is killed in combat just to see his teammates freak out. Asuka is not all just fun and games, though. He can also be headstrong and overly courageous. Despite his personality, Asuka is an exceptional fighter, fending off aliens far stronger than normal humans with only his hand to hand combat skills. His well-known motto is "Never give up." Asuka's dad disappeared years ago when his spaceship disappeared into a mysterious light, which Asuka himself enters alongside his father in the final episode. In the end, Asuka ended up transported to the World of the Land of Light where he joins the ZAP SPACY crew in their battle against Ultraman Belial. He travels again in the self made wormhole which brings him into a battle against a new menace.

Hanejiro looking cute


Main article: Mukkito

Hanejiro (ハネジロー, Hanejirō): A strange alien which Asuka befriended on a mission to a mysterious planet, it first helped Asuka (as Dyna) by pointing out Mons-Ahgar's weak spot during a battle, and was since made Super GUTS' "mascot" of sorts. Bids farewell to Super GUTS in episode 47, but returns in the Dyna movie Ultraman Dyna: The Return of Hanejiro.


DAIGO - Nozomu Taiga
Main article: Nozomu Taiga

Nozomu Taiga (タイガ・ノゾム, Taiga Nozomu): The latest member of Super GUTS and a former human host for Ultraman Zero as of the events of Ultraman Saga.



Shin Asuka II

Standard Super GUTS uniform

  • Guts Armor (ガッツアーマー, Gattsu Āmā): The uniform for Super GUTS.
  • Super Guts Met (スーパーGUTSメット, Sūpā Gattsu Metto): The helmet of Super GUTS.
  • Super GUTS Shoes: The shoes of Super GUTS.


  • Voice Changer (声変わり, Koegawari): A headset that members wear.
  • W.I.T. (ウイット, Uitto): The communication device for the team.
  • XX (Double X) Bazooka (XX(ダブルエックス)バズーカ, XX (Daburu Ekkusu) Bazūka): A double barreled bazooka weapon that comes in two types.
  • Guts Blaster (ガッツブラスター, Gattsu Burasutā): The primary handheld weapon of Super GUTS members.
  • Break Shooter (ブレイクシューター, Bureiku Shūtā): A rifle.
  • Galaxy Sniper (ギャラクシースナイパー, Gyarakushī Sunaipā): A sniper rifle.
  • Barrier Elementary Particle Generator (バリア素粒子発生装置, Baria Soryūshi Hassei Sōchi): A small device used by Asuka and Koda in Zombayu in episode 17. Generates elementary particles with the same density as plasma elementary particles.


Like GUTS, the mechas used by Super GUTS are known as Ride Mechas (ライドメカ, Raido Meka).

  • GUTS Eagle/GUTS Eagle-Superior: The main combo jet of Super GUTS.
    • GUTS Eagle Alpha/GUTS Eagle Alpha-Superior: A red fighter jet.
    • GUTS Eagle Beta: A blue fighter jet.
    • GUTS Eagle Gamma: A yellow fighter jet.
  • Connely-07: A search and rescue propeller craft.
  • GUTS DIG: A drilling mecha, capable of digging underground.
  • GUTS Marine: A submersible that Super GUTS uses for underwater missions.
  • Zellet: A weaponized sedan used by Super GUTS.
  • Bopper: A weaponized SUV used by Super GUTS.


Ultraman Dyna

Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light

Ultraman Dyna: The Return of Hanejiro

Ultraman Saga



  • Mai is the only team member of Super GUTS that didn't make any appearance in Ultraman Saga. This might probably due to the fact that she had left the team some time after Asuka's disappearance.
    • Actually, she was scheduled to appear in Ultraman Saga where she is a ZERO Training Squad instructor. However, this never made out due to her actress Mariya Yamada being pregnant at the time of the recording.
  • All of Super GUTS members made a cameo appearance in Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey before they were part of Super GUTS. Captain Hibiki, Ryo, Karya and Kohda were trainees in ZERO, they appeared helping GUTS fighting the Shibito-Zoigers. While Mai was a high school student, she appeared with her classmate when the dark cloud first spread across the world. Nakajima and his teammates were the ones who first detected the dark cloud, deducing it was coming from R'lyeh and Asuka appeared at the end of the movie, he was part of the maintenance crew for Daigo and Rena's ship to Mars.


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