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"Riku... That's the name my wife and I came up with. We thought we'd name our own son that, when he was born. A name that'd represent having your feet on the ground, standing firm. So that no matter what trouble he'd run into, he'd stand again. That was what we wanted it to mean!"

―Sui Asakura

Sui Asakura (朝倉 錘 Asakura Sui) is one of the minor characters in Ultraman Geed.



His name "Sui" (錘) is a Japanese for Weight. Alongside Riku, his name is also based on Arthur C. Clarke, with his first name "Sui" represented as "C".


Pre-Ultraman Geed

19 years ago, Sui Asakura was a local administrator and was the one whom named Riku as Riku Asakura. Sui Asakura handed Riku to the Aizaki Family as his caretaker after his wife passed away, knowing himself cannot raise the boy alone.

Ultraman Geed

Sui plays video game with Riku

In the present, Sui sent a letter to the Nebula House to ask Riku to meet him in person. After welcoming Riku to his house, he revealed to Riku that he is able to see anyone being a Little Star host and at the same time telling him he is ill and only have a few months to live. He also know of Pega’s existence. Sui also offered Riku to play Playstation 4, while telling about his past. After Pedanium Zetton repair is done, he continues to raid the city and detecting Sui's Little Star, he went after Sui. Pega and Riku help Sui to escape in a trolley but was caught up by the Kaiju. An injured Sui wants Riku to escape and wanting him to stay alive but the young boy refuses. His little star was later transferred to Riku and an Ultra Capsule of Father of Ultra appears, allowing Riku to assume Magnificent Form and destroyed Pedanium Zetton, with Sui watching the battle and smiles.

After that, Riku will regularly visit Sui to make sure his health is in check.


"I became able to see whatever I wanted to. Without moving a step, I could see off into the distance to the ends of galaxy. Naturally, I could see every bit of your little underground building. I even know about what you are hiding."

―Sui to Riku
  • Little Star: Sui formerly possessed Father of Ultra's Little Star, which allows him to perceive anything, even at the edge of the universe. He loses this power after transferring the Little Star to Riku out of determination for the boy to survive.


  • This is the first time Minori acted in the era of New Generation Heroes Ultraman Series. He was previously portrayed as Masachika Nezu and an unnamed doctor from Ultraman Tiga, a civilian in Ultraman Dyna and Alien Metron from Ultraman Max.
    • Like most actors in the Ultraman Series, Minori is also subjected to the "curse" of him portraying an otherwise evil/anti-heroic characters in Kamen Rider Series.
  • In the original planning, his Little Star's holder was meant to be either Lumina Igaguri or Mayu Igaguri.
  • During the scene of playing PlayStation 4, the staffs were thinking of using substitutes until Minori revealed that his fingers were delicate enough to play the game system.
  • His name, like Riku, is a reference to sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke, with the "C." pronounced "Sui". These two references are so similar as Sui Asakura was intinially meant to be Riku's name.