Stratos Edge (ストラトスエッジ Sutoratosu Ejji) refers to the blade-like organs on Ultraman the Next's arms. They are a devolved version of the Armed Nexus. They are used by Ultraman the Next for various purposes and can be charged.


They are similar to most other instances of arm blades, mainly serving as bladed weapons. They are a devolved form of the Armed Nexus and thus they do not have some of their later abilities such as deploying a Meta Field.

They can be charged with energy to cut through objects like a blade and can be also used to fire an energy slash.

In Junis, they can be charged to fire more powerful energy slashes via both arms or individually and can even used to charge and fire the Ultra Beam, the Evol-Ray Schtrom.


  • Elbow Cutter (エルボーカッター Erubō Kattā): Charging his Stratos Edge with energy, the Next flings an arc of energy at his opponent.
  • Lambda Slasher (ラムダ・スラッシャー Ramuda Surasshā): The Next can now fire much larger arcs using both hands or by charging up both arms for twin attacks.
  • Evol-Ray Schtrom (エボルレイ・シュトローム Eboru Rei Shutorōmu): The Next's finisher beam. Unlike normal Ultra Beams, the particles do not flow evenly, instead in an oscillating fashion. It has the feature of causing the target to break down at the molecular level into glowing blue particles, a trait inherited by the later 'Ray Schtroms' used by Nexus.


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