Stegoceras (ステゴセラス Sutegoserasu) is a genus of small pachycephalosaur that lived during the Late Cretaceous period of North America.

A Stegoceras was one of the many targets of time traveling poachers in Dinosaur Expedition Born Free.

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  • Height: N/A (Born Free), 1.3 m (real life)
  • Length: N/A (Born Free), 2 m (real life)
  • Weight: N/A (Born Free), 10-40 kg (real life)
  • Origin: Prehistoric Earth


Dinosaur Expidition Born Free

The Stegoceras was hunted by poachers, and became quite aggressive. Due to it's aggressiveness, the Born Free crew had to kill it.


  • Unlike it's normal counterpart, this stegoceras has rows of sharp teeth.
  • It's body resembles that of a theropod. Also, it is labeled as a Troodon, which was thought to have been synonymous with it.
Trivia not relevant for the series
  • Stegoceras means "Horn roof" in Greek.
  • Several other species have been placed in the genus over the years, but these have since been moved to other genera or deemed junior synonyms.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bone Dome: Located on the top of it's head, Stegoceras has a helmet made of bone, perfect for ramming into enemies.


Dinosaur Expedition Born Free


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