Split! UPG (分裂!UPG Bunretsu! UPG) is the thirteenth episode of Ultraman Ginga S.


The Commander in Chief of the the UPG has come to visit. For the protection of UPG, a secret plan was revealed and Hikaru's opposition to this plan lead to his detention. Only Arisa was left alone, because she had been ignored and restricted in decisions. Sho is infected with Birdon's poison, and Alien Guts Vorst take his chance to battle Ginga alone.


Personnel from the Global Defense Organization that governs UPG arriving to seize the team's assets and kick them out of their own base. Kamiyama, the organization's superior, is pissed off at humanity being unable to fight back by themselves, and makes his point known that they should not rely on foreign beings like Ultramen to be able to do so. Hikaru, who has fought alongside Ginga for so long, is not happy to hear this.

Kamiyama then activates a code that brings out a superweapon, named the Victorium Cannon. He retains Arisa because she's the sharpshooter of the team and has some history with her. Hikaru is sent to a detention cell, and Kamiyama boots the rest out. During this period, Victory defeats Birdon despite getting poisoned, and Alien Guts shows up controlled by Chibu Exceller, who has had enough of Guts' failures much like One Zero. Hikaru manages to escape the cell with Tomoya's assistance. Hikaru transform into Ultraman Ginga to battle Alien Guts Vorst who is under controlled of Chibu Exceller, after a tough battle, Ginga suddenly punch the badge on Guts chest and unwittingly brings Guts back to normal. 

Calling a truce, Guts prepares to retreat, but Arisa, pressured by Kamiyama, is forced to shoot the Victorium Cannon at Guts, obliterating him, but destroying the nearby landscape completely.

Back underground, the Victorians, including Sho, are dismayed at what they perceive to be humanity's mistakes once more.





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  • Ultraman Ginga S Volume 5 features episodes 12-14
  • Ultraman Ginga S Blu-Ray Box II features episodes 9-16.
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