Sphinx (スフィンクス Sufinkusu) was a Terrible-Monster that appeared in episode 25 of Ultraman Ace.

Subtitle: Ancient Terrible-Monster (古代超獣 Kodai Chōjū)


Ultraman Ace

The Sphinx was a Terrible-Monster under the control of Alien Orion in their plan to invade Earth. First appearing in the middle of a School Yard inside a pyramid, the Sphinx was housed inside of it until one of the Alien Orion captured Yuko Minami and tied her to a cross. One Yuko was captured, Sphinx was unleashed in the city, but was dealt with by TAC, who were in the area. Seiji Hokuto was left to rescue Minami from the cross, and managed to successfully do so despite Orian's pyramid shooting his plane down. Ultraman Ace appeared and quickly went to battle with the Sphinx, but they were evenly matched. When a girl named Michiru, was double-crossed by Alien Orion for serving him, she began to play on a whistle to distract the Sphinx. However, her efforts were only temporary as she was killed by Alien Orion for her meddling. Angered by Michiru's sacrifice and Alien Orion's sadistic nature, Ultraman Ace fought back viciously and decapitated the Sphinx with his Ace Blade. Ace then destroyed its body in a fiery display with his Timer Shot. Sphinx's head then went back into the pyramid before Ace destroyed it with Metalium Beam.


  • The Sphinx's roar is a reused Saigo roar.
  • The Sphinx's design would become the inspiration behind Parastan.
  • The Sphinx is based on the real-life Sphinx, a mythological creature from Egypt and Greece.


  • Height: 58 m
  • Weight: 65,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Orion
  • Weakness: The Sphinx becomes docile when music is played on a whistle.
Powers and Weapons
  • Fire Stream: The Sphinx can shoot a stream of fire from the crest on his head.
  • Snakes: Instead of tails, the Sphinx has two snakes that can attack enemies if he cannot directly.
  • Pain Flash: The antennae on the Sphinx's head can fire a surge of light that causes pain.
    • Undead Physiology: Being an undead Terrible-Monster, the Sphinx can survive having its head cut off and still keep going.
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