Spegz (スペーグス Supēgusu) and her child Spegz Jr. (スペーグス Jr. Supēgusu Jr) appeared in Fireman.

Subtitle: Space Monster (宇宙怪獣 Uchū Kaijū)



Spegz was a carnivorous space monster that came to Planet Earth millions of years ago to settle down. Her child, Spegz Jr. had been used by SAT in an experiment. It escaped from SAT, but was killed by some factory employees with a hunting rifle, causing Spegz to rampage in anger. SAF started an attack, but Spegz downed Daisuke Misaki's plane with her toxic smoke. Misaki transformed into Fireman and battled Spegz. Fireman fought well until Spegz used her toxic smoke, choking him. Fireman recovered and attacked Spegz with a flying kick. He then impaled him with the Fire Jack and blew up his head using the Fire Shot.


  • Spegz's death is debatable on whether it was justified or not, as Spegz was living peacefully and only rampaged because her child had been killed by humans.
  • Spegz's suit was modified from the Death Torosaurus suit.


  • Height: 60 m
  • Weight: 30,000 t
  • Origin: Space
Powers and Weapons
  • Toxic Smoke: From her mouth, Speguzu can spit orange yellow toxic smoke.
  • Whip Tail: Speguzu's tail can function as a a whip.



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