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"Paradise" courier to Alien Temperor
Alien Temperor/Gallery to Black King/Gallery
Black King (ULTRAMAN) to Darkness Spark
Darkness and Light to Eternal Traveler
Eternal Traveller to Ghoslar
Ghost to Hass
Hassei Takano to Jissoji's Ultraman (1979)
Jobarieh to Land Shark
Land of Light to Mio Miyatake
Mio Takaki to Orb Ring
Orb Ring NEO to Revenge of Monster Shugaron
Revenge of Shugaron to Shiro Sano
Shirubyi to Teppei Kuze
Terano to The Mountain Sumo Boy
The Mountain of Yōkai to Two Giant Monsters Attack Tokyo
Tylosaurus to Ultraman Cosmos (character)
Ultraman Cosmos (character)/Appearance List to Ultraman Tiga (character)/Appearance List
Ultraman Tiga (character)/Gallery to Xio Athos
Xio Devizer to Σ-Zuigul
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