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The Sparklence[1] (スパークレンス Supākurensu) was Daigo Madoka's transformation item, used to transform into Ultraman Tiga. Later in the movies Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey and Ultraman Tiga Gaiden: Revival of the Ancient Giant, other versions of the Sparklence appeared, bearing very different designs from each other and the original.


Ultraman Tiga Gaiden: Revival of the Ancient Giant

The Bronze Sparklence (青銅のスパークレンス Seidō no Supākurensu) was used by Daigo's ancient ancestor, Amui, to transform into Tiga without assimilating with the Tiga's statue. Whereas the other three were made of marble this one was made entirely of bronze with a red stone on the grip. The markings on the top that resembled Tiga's protector but were red and resembled tribal markings. The device worked the same way the normal Sparklence did, what became of it is unknown as well as its origins as it was just found in the mountains by a warrior who slew a monster. Its design and appearance imply that it is not the original Sparklence so this device remains riddled with mystery. Unlike Daigo's Sparklence which was gained by his merger with the Tiga Statue, Amui transformed by channeling the power of Tiga while the statue remained in the pyramid untouched.

Ultraman Tiga

The Sparklence, turned to stone, in Rena's hand just before disintegrating.

Daigo gained the Sparklence immediately after merging with the Tiga statue, which appeared in his jacket after he transformed back. It is apparently his by default as the reincarnation of Tiga he was destined to receive it. The Sparklence is activated by pushing a button. At times, Daigo has transformed without it as he was under emotional stress or during a great fall, such as when he first transformed into living light and merged with the Tiga Statue. At the end of the series, the Sparklence disintegrated.

Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

Black Sparklence

Black Sparklence

The Black Sparklence (ブラックスパークレンス Burakku Supākurensu), also referred as the Sparklence of Darkness (闇のスパークレンス Yami no Supākurensu), is Daigo Madoka's second transformation item. The Black Sparklence is a dark version of the Sparklence. It allowed Daigo to transform into Tiga Dark. As Tiga Dark is implied to be the original form of Tiga, the Black Sparklence is implied to be a copy of the Sparklence' original form. What became of it is unknown as Daigo is never seen transforming again.

Sparklence Camearra Ver.

Tiga's former lover and leader of the Dark Giants possessed a Sparklence. It was used for the same purpose and activated by a similar method. In human form, Camearra transformed using a Sparklence with a gold handle, the wings were diamond-shaped with windows, and the inner object was diamond-shaped, as opposed to round. Even though it bore more resemblance to the Light version of the Sparklence, it shined with the same dark energy as the Black Sparklence.

Ultraman X The Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman

Main article: Beta Spark

In Ultraman X The Movie: Here He Comes! Our Ultraman, Alien Fanton Gourman created Ultraman Tiga's Cyber Card along with Ultraman's Cyber Card in Xio's lab, they were transferred to Mamoru Mikazuki and Rui Takada to be given to Ultraman X human host, Daichi Oozora. He scanned both Cyber Cards to receive the X Sparklence and the X Beta Capsule to form the Beta Spark which allowed Ultraman X to wear the Beta Spark Armor.



The original Sparklence (スパークレンス Supākurensu) was given to Daigo after his merger with Ultraman Tiga's statue. It is his transformation device in his series. There are currently two variations of the transformation sequence:

  • Version 1: Daigo raises the Sparklence into the air and presses the small gold button, the top opens and covers the user in a bright flash of light.
  • Version 2: Daigo brings the Sparklence close to his chest and presses the small gold button. Daigo and the Sparklence merge, with the Sparklence turning into Tiga's Protectors and Color Timer. This is only used thrice.

Black Sparklence

The Black Sparklence (ブラックスパークレンス Burakku Supākurensu) was given to Daigo by the human form of Camearra. This was used by Daigo to transform into Tiga Dark. To transform, Daigo raises the Black Sparklence into the air and presses the small gray button he is then he turned into Tiga Dark.

Sparklence Camearra Ver.

Camearra uses a black and gold Sparklence device to transform from her human form to her Ultra form. Upon activation, the device opens and releases dark lightning bolts that surround the user and transform them into Camearra.

Bronze Sparklence

This device was found in ancient times and was used by both Tsubasa Madoka and Amui. The transformation sequence for this variant is exactly the same as the original's.



  • The original Sparklence' final appearance was in Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers. In subsequent appearances of Ultraman Tiga, only variations of the Sparklence appear. This is because in real life, the original prop of the Sparklence (which was used for the shooting of Ultraman Tiga) is currently in possession of Hiroshi Nagano, who was given it by the production crew after the series' recording came to an end.
  • In Ultraman X The Movie, the Sparklence was never mentioned by name, only referred as an "ancient people's hammer" (古代人のトンカチ Kodai hito no Tonkachi).


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