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Spacer (スペーサー Supēsā) is a Kaiju that appears in the series, Fireman.

Subtitle: Space Dinosaur (宇宙恐竜 Uchū Kyōryū)



Spacer was a monster held by Planet Gomerus as the planet went rouge. Spacer was summoned from the underground of Gomerus at a time but went back in.

As Fireman went to rescue to the trapped SAF group, Spacer awoke and attacked Fireman! Spacer took a toll of Fireman with its toxic gas. Gomerus helped Spacer as its tentacles choked Fireman. Fireman then backfliped and destroyed Spacer with his Fire Flash.


  • Spacer is one of the rare times another Kaiju from Fireman appeared in an Ultraman Series, appearing in the Ultraman Ace manga.
  • Spacer uses a bat roar used in Daiei's Gamera movies.
  • Spacer shares the same subtitle as the Ultraman kaiju, Zetton.


  • Height: 38 m
  • Weight: 26,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Gomerus
Powers and Weapons
  • Gas: From his mouth, Spacer can spit an orange toxic gas.
  • Tendrils: Instead of arms, Spacer has massive tendrils.


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